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Special Spotlight: 5th Edition

I told you earlier last week about how 102 handmade artisans (just one week ago, the number was just over 60) from across the country have been scammed by a small boutique in Springfield, Missouri. The state Attorney General's Office, USPS, FBI internet crimes, and local authorities have been investigating. The scam has been covered on the television news channels and newspaper in that area over the past week as well.

I think what it so important to remember, though, is that handmade artisans create because they have a passion for it. I know I love making jewelry, wearing it, and hearing how a certain piece has brightened someone's day. We're not creating to get rich quick or because we have to do it. We love creating. So many talented artisans have been scammed. They may never get their money or their creations. The total is currently $48,000 worth of handmade goods.

Whether it takes me one week or one month, I will make sure each and every affected artist has been featured here on the blog.

I want to spotlight their shops and their beautiful work:
Scrub away dry skin with this scrub from the lovely Christina at Capricorn Soap Company.

Origami earrings from Bric-a-brac-a

Tee from Marty May

Chainmaille Argentium bracelet from Nate Newton

Paisley tote from Liz Ann Necessities

What a pretty notecard from LANCERIKA.

Soak away your stress with this vanilla bath bomb from Pink Parchment Soaps.

What a great gift for your special man this Valentine's Day.