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Monday Morning Musings

It is absolutely frigid out there today. Bone chilling, in fact. The thermometer by my jewelry studio window says -9. That's the actual temperature and with the windchill, it is much colder. Thankfully, we have sunshine. That must be what is making it feel like -20 instead of -30.

On this cold Monday morning, I took the boys to school and went to Tim Horton's for my morning coffee. Today I got an XL. I needed that extra jolt of caffeine this morning because I was up all night with a stomach bug. I woke up this morning, though, and felt better--just tired. So here I am with a million things to do and I find myself typing away, sipping the drink which will fuel this girl for a few more hours.

I've been working on lots of things these days. I have my Trunk Show at Vintage Bliss in Webster on Saturday and have been working every afternoon and evening to add more pieces. I have 20+ new pairs of dangle earrings with vintage crystals made, 32 different bottle cap necklaces, several new charm bracelets, and 10 more necklaces. I just counted up about 3 dozen rings as well. I've been busy! Spending the afternoon with Sheryn, the owner of Vintage Bliss, and meeting more local customers is going to be a lovely way to spend my Saturday.

I'm sad, though, to say that Saturday will also be the last day Vintage Bliss is open. Sheryn has a great boutique going, but she is also a mom to two older kids and a little boy who is Nick's age. Being a shopkeeper takes up lots of time and she is closing the shop to spend more time with family and engage more with her creative side. She also has a new venture coming up and when it's announced, I'll be sharing it with you!

I also have plans tomorrow night to go to my friend Kristin's house. I met Kristin through my blogging friend, Christine. Check out Christine's blog, A Good Life, here.  Kristin became a skin care customer of mine when I had by business and she's a blog reader. When she read my review of the skin care line, L'Bri Pure & Natural, she tried it, loved it, and is now a rep for the line. Her official Grand Opening is tomorrow and I am so excited for her! All C & G readers who love L'Bri can effortlessly order from Kristin online. Just go to her site, order, and the items ship directly to you.

Kristin is a wife and a mom to a little girl in preschool and she is passionate about using products that are non-toxic for the skin. She has been spending so much time learning the ins and outs of ingredients and I just want to say that you will love her. She's not pushy, won't be calling you or hounding you to order more and more--she is a caring, professional person and I know she is going to be an asset to this company.

Here is her website: click here.

She also has a Facebook page for L'Bri fans here: click here.

What do I recommend from L'Bri? For starters, the Gentle Cleanser for normal to dry skin is my go to cleanser. It is creamy, gentle, has a light beautiful aroma and works so well. It is the best cleanser out there. It is $15 for what the website says is a 3 month supply. This is accurate--in fact, I still have a couple week's left on my first bottle. I also like the toner, the Gentle Skin Freshener, for normal to dry skin. They eye gel is lovely, as is the Facial Masque. My favorite product, though, is another Best in Beauty Awards 2010 winner: the Rejuvenating Facial Peel. It is by far the best facial exfoliant out there.

Also worth mentioning, I finally tried the affordably priced green skin care products from EcoTools. For those who don't know, this company makes some of the best bamboo handled makeup brushes on the market at a great price. They also have skin care. I've tried all of it and two products stand out to me. They're under $6 each and can be found at drugstores and places like Target and Walmart.

My two favorites are the EcoTools Love Heels All Intensive Heel Cream and the Replenish Your Natural Resources Body Butter. The body butter is very rich in mango butter, shea butter, and sunflower oil and is the perfect cream to apply after your morning shower. I also put this on at night after a warm bath. It rivals any expensive body butter and is really gentle. The heel cream is thick and luxurious and full of great ingredients, from aloe to cocoa butter to olive oil. They earn an easy A from Chic & Green!

In other news, I am back to working on the Chic & Green e-book. This will be full of DIY recipes for skin care, a look at ingredients to look for and avoid, and lots more info. I want it to be a handy reference for when you're out there shopping and are trying to decipher labels.

I also will continue my special series on the handmade artisans scammed by a Springfield, Missouri boutique. Last week, I told you about this situation which now involves the Missouri Attorney General's Office, the FBI's online fraud unit, and other agencies. We are now up to ONE HUNDRED affected handmade artisans and about $44,000. As we have so many of us involved, it's going to take me a bit of time to get everyone accounted for, but I want to make sure you all can see the wonderful talent that each and every artisan possesses. I am also working on a special page here on the blog with links to the shops of all affected sellers.

Before my coffee is gone and I hit the "publish" button, I also would like to share some of my favorite blogs with you. On such a cold day like this, I plan to catch up on some blog reading today. I've mentioned a couple of these before, but they're worth mentioning again. I think I also have some new ones to share today as well. Here are some Chic & Green favorite reads:
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