Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Holy Crow!

This isn't a bird post. It's an eye cream review! I figured since this is a month full of giveaways from Silk Naturals that I would tell you about my most recent purchase from Karen's company. Not long before Christmas, I bought another lip gloss and an eye cream from Silk Naturals.

I love the gloss by the way--such a PRETTY pink called Delacoeur, which is a shimmering cool toned shade. I adore this one, like all of my lippies from this company. As always, this was a buy at $4.75.

I also ordered Holy Crow! Instant Wrinkle Remover. It is a fairly thick cream that you dab into the crow's feet and laugh line area. It contains grapeseed oil and sesame seed extract as its key nourishers. While this did not erase my little fine lines around the eye, I find that it has been a great multitasking product. I mix a bit of this cream with my mineral powder undereye concealer and it doesn't crease or get dry with this winter weather we're having. I also read a review on the website about using this as an eyeshadow base and it really works well! It also didn't bother my eyes and that's a big thing for me. No stinging, no burning! I also appreciate the fact that this didn't irritate the skin under my eyes or cause milia to form (those annoying white dots).

I recommend this as a morning eye cream because your makeup will go on so smoothly. Your skin will feel smoother in areas where it's been applied, too.

This plumped the areas that needed a fit of filling in, although like I said it didn't erase the lines or create a dramatic transformation. As a great, basic eye cream, though, this really cannot be beat. Did I mention that a jar costs just $5.99? It's a great bargain--and a bargain that works well, too!

I ordered a lip gloss and eye cream and it only cost around $11. Considering both are made really well and are free of the nasties, I have to give them both a huge thumb's up.