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Beauty Review: Original Moxie

I recently had the opportunity to try a brand of natural hair care products created by Michigan's Rachel Blistein called Original Moxie. I was really blown away by the quality of the products I tried.  How did I rate them? Find out below.

Get Fresh Shampoo--This is such a lovely formula. I typically use a clarifying shampoo once a week since I regularly put styling products in my hair. This one is a breath of fresh air compared to others on the market. It is free of sulfates, but makes your scalp feel clean. It removes my styling product residue very effectively without drying my scalp or hair.

What I really like most about this one is the fact that it is gentle and incorporates natural essential oils and botanicals without harmful chemicals. It has been kind to my highlighted hair. You'll find Dead Sea salts, neem, St. John's Wort, and protein from wheat and soy. The shampoo is green. Don't let this scare you. It won't alter your hair color. This color comes from the alfalfa and spinach. The scent of lime is subtle, but still detectable. This fresh scent comes from the natural lime oil and does help improve the condition of the scalp.

I have used shampoos with salts in them before, only to have them give my hair a "fried" feeling. This was not true with Original Moxie Get Fresh. Dead Sea Salts applied to the scalp are said to help promote new growth and prevent hair loss.  I have also read about using Dead Sea Salts to treat a scalp condition called Seborrheic Dermatitis. Most of the time when this skin condition affects the scalp, doctors recommend harsh treatments, such as anti-fungals. Many articles suggest that you can use the natural sea salts as a holistic alternative. I cannot say for certain, but I'd be willing to guess that this shampoo would be a beneficial, gentle start to treat a mild case.

I also like the Dead Sea Salts in this because they impart a shiny, glossy (non-greasy) look. I have found this to be true after using this shampoo.

My hair is very thick and coarse. It is a bit dry. I do find that even though it says this is for Normal to Oily hair that this is very well suited to my hair type, even more than the Get Clean shampoo, which I'll review below.

My Grade:  A

Get Clean No Foam Shampoo--This is the one that seems like it would be better suited for my hair, as it would fall into the Normal to Dry range. This is a really rich and nourishing formula, but I found that it really made my hair feel like it was coated and weighed down. Given that my hair is very thick and coarse, I was surprised.  I wanted to like this one and was very surprised when I tried it. I believe this could be because of the Soapnut.

Soapnut is something that comes from shrubs in the Lychee family. The soapnuts contain a natural cleansing agent that you can use as a liquid or grind to form a fine powder. It is a very common cleansing ingredient in Ayurveda. While it is a great ingredient, whenever I have used it on my hair before, it hasn't felt completely clean.

I didn't like how this made my hair and scalp feel at all, but I do have to tell you that I used this on my 5 year old's thick, coarse hair. He obviously doesn't have color treated hair, heat styled hair, or hair product residue. This felt like a dream in his hair so I cannot tell you that this isn't for everyone, because it shows nice results in his hair. I would say that if you do not use styling products and have dry hair, that this would most likely work well for you. I am giving a grade for this based on the average of the grade I give it for me (C+) and for Ben (A-).

My Grade: B

Featherweight Conditioner-- What a lovely formula this one is! I have tried many conditioners in all price ranges and have been sent several for blog review purposes as well. Featherweight, though, could be my new favorite as a daily conditioner.

First of all, it smells like a dream with the natural grapefruit, sweet orange, tangerine and vanilla oils. It makes me feel awake in the morning when I'm in the shower. There is also horsetail in this, which is a wonderful ingredient for strengthening, protecting, and adding shine to the hair. Last year on the blog, I was sent some hair products to review that sold for $40 each, maybe a bit more. I can tell you that this conditioner is far better than the really high end one. This is really beautiful and feels good.

My chin length bob loves this one! I also use this on the boys. Nick has very fine hair. Ben's is coarse. It works well for both. It works well for all of us.

My Grade: A+

Intense Quench Conditioner for Dry Hair -- This is another beautiful hair product. Yesterday it was -9 and with the heat being on constantly, my hair gets even drier. It felt crunchy almost, in the morning. I applied this and away went the dryness. I would probably use this once a week. It really is intense, as the title implies. It won't make your hair feel oily or coated, though.

I would compare this to intense facial cream chock full of nutrients. It is truly a treatment. There is aloe vera, yucca, horsetail, neem, panthenol, and hibiscus. There is also strawberry in this recipe. I found that after using it just once time, my hair felt as though I had just gone to the salon for a deep conditioning treatment.

This may be my favorite product in the line, although it's close!

My Grade: A+

Shape Shifter-- This product kind of reminds me of Bumble and bumble Styling Lotion, but better. You apply this to wet hair. Don't towel dry, as you really want the hair to be wet. I used this the other night when Tom and I went out to dinner. I rarely curl my hair because it takes too much time, but I used this to turn my bob into a bob with loose curls on the sides for date night. This product worked really well to create that look for me.

This worked really well in my thick hair. It gave a really flexible hold and unlike other products when I curl my hair, the loose curls actually held for the whole night. Usually the weight of my hair pulls them right out, but it didn't with this.

My Grade: A

Straight Up--Oh how I love this! I know the folks at Original Moxie didn't say, "Let's create a hair product made just for Karley," but they sure created a product I adore!!! I love it now and can tell it'll be even more beloved in the summer when the humidity is present and my hair turns into a mess of frizzies.

I can see the difference in my hair when I use this and when I don't. Yesterday I used it. I dried and flat ironed my hair so it was sleek and then applied this and smoothed over my hair. Today I did not, as I was in a rush and didn't flat iron my hair. This smooths the hair so nicely. What I like the best is that it makes my hair feels and look smooth without any kind of greasy feel.

You really need just a tiny amount. This product will last a long time. The ingredients are also good. Squalane is the very first ingredient. It works beautifully on the skin and it works well in the hair too. There is wheat protein, antioxidant vitamin E, and a beautiful blend of essential oils.

My Grade: A+

Some Pictures After Use:

The Chic & Green Bottom Line:

I really, really liked all but one of the products I tried. Some are downright stellar. The pricing isn't what I would call a bargain by any stretch, but they are right in line with other salon brands. What I have to mention, though, is the fact that this is free of all of the harmful ingredients found in the vast majority of hair care lines.

I really feel like I am pampering myself when I use these products. I also see that the ingredients really do work well. I like using plant-based ingredients in my products and I love the fact that the lovely line is made not by a big box corporation, but a small Ypsilanti, Michigan business.

It may sound really hokey, but lovers of artisan crafted goods can usually tell when someone puts their heart and soul into their creations.  This is one of those cases. From the use of aromatherapy and Ayurveda to the expert knowledge of formulation present, I have a huge amount of admiration for the founder of this new to me company.

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*Disclosure: I received samples of Original Moxie at no cost. This in no way has influenced my review and all opinions are my own.