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Attention Locals!

This post is dog-related, which isn't one of our usual topics here at Chic & Green. That doesn't matter, though, because I want to get this message out there to anyone local who might see it.

 This is Maverick and he is missing. I am hoping he will  soon be reunited with his family.

I am a dog lover. I truly believe that when we choose a pet, we're choosing another family member. This is how I feel about the dogs I've had and loved. We have a dog, Cannon, and he will soon be 7. He is a German Shepherd/lab mix and is just a joy. He's a bit high maintenance, but he absolutely is family and he is kind and gentle and devoted to the boys.

As a dog lover, I know that quick feeling of panic when the dog gets loose. When I was 12, I was walking our Cocker Spaniel, Hershey, and his collar slipped off. I cried and cried and ran after him. I had this intense feeling of panic. Thankfully, he ran right home and was waiting for me in the garage.

I can only imagine what a horrible feeling it is to know that your dog is out there and separated from you. That is what is happening right now to a family in East Irondequoit. Their Siberian Husky, Maverick, got loose at the end of November.

I read about their story a couple weeks back in the Democrat & Chronicle and learned they had a Facebook page dedicated to leads and tips for bringing Maverick home safely.

I've been checking that page regularly hoping to read that Maverick is back home with his owners. It seems as though Maverick has been wandering around the Webster area. Most recently, there was a possible sighting in the area near Xerox.  Maverick is one and was last seen wearing a blue collar and blue tag in the shape of a bone. The phone number of the tag was incorrect, although the address was right. He is black, white, and silver.

If you live in the Rochester area, would you please take a moment to check that page out? I know it is a long shot, but the more people in this area that see his picture could make a difference. I know his family is searching tirelessly for him. I hope he will be home soon.