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Afternoon Pick Me Up

Star Wars Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia

Mr Ben is still home sick today. It's day 3, but his fever broke last night and he is more and more like himself. He's been reading his Star Wars Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia and asked for dessert with his lunch once again. If he keeps this up, he'll be back in school tomorrow. He's excited because his kindergarten class earned a pajama party and the kids can bring their favorite stuffed animal along tomorrow.

It's been pretty quiet around here and I've gotten lots accomplished. Almost everything is tagged and priced for my Trunk Show at Vintage Bliss this weekend. I took a little break today and headed to the Silk Naturals website. I've been a fan of this company since reader Lavanya told me about it in August. The owner, Karen Stark, is based right here in Upstate New York and is in the Ithaca area. Her cosmetics are superior to mineral makeups 4 and 5 times more expensive. You cannot buy Maybelline for the price of most of Karen's stellar products.

Anyway, I decided to order several items. Of course, I told myself it's for the blog. Not just fun makeup for me to play with--it's strictly for research purposes, just like those cupcakes were last winter. For the record, I do not get paid to mention Silk Naturals. The owner's not a relative or someone I've known forever. I don't get free loot in exchange for awesome reviews. I buy the products and just plain love them.

Here is what I ordered:

  • Liquid Lip Gloss in Shrieking Violet (ultra fuchsia)

  • Kisser Slicker in Breathless (pink satin shimmer)

  • Kisser Slicker in Infatuation (shimmery plum pink)

  • Kisser Slicker in Gold Blush (sheer pink and gold shimmer)

  • Eye Shadow in Bristol (light cream suede)

  • Eye Shadow in Tweed (medium brown shimmer, clone of Stila Heather)

  • Cream Eye Liner in Peacock (deep blue green shimmer)

  • Climax Blush (Nars Orgasm clone)

  • Ultimate Eye Liner Brush

  • Medium Coverage Buttery Gold Foundation Starter Kit

I just cannot wait to get these and to share my order with you. I also will get around to taking pictures of all of my Silk Naturals on, so you can get an idea of the colors. I went outside of my typical comfort zone with the Shrieking Violet, but back in the day (we're taking way back in the day), I wore this deep fuchsia lipstick when I was working for Estee Lauder and it really made my eyes pop. It's one of those shades to wear on a day when you want to say, "Look out world, here I come!"

That is all for now. I am procrastinating. I've been chatting with my friend Deanna, in Michigan. She ordered from Silk Naturals too and we've been back and forth talking about colors today. In reality, we both have to think up interview questions for guests we each have coming on our blogs. Her blog is one I've mentioned before: My Handmade Addiction. Apparently, talking about mineral makeup could be a cure for writer's block. That's what we're trying to tell ourselves anyway!