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Tuesday Morning Musings

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the boys. I finished the last bit of shopping this morning. I thought I was done. I was done....but then I decided to get them each one more little thing--a Rubik's Cube for Nick and the Fur Real baby chimp Ben has had his eye on. Plus, I was at the store already to buy Oreo's.

Back to those Oreo's....I found a recipe I just have to make this week. It comes from a blog called The Idea Room and it's for Oreo bark. I have done Oreo truffles each year, but the bark sounds easy and delicious. I'm making it for our neighborhood party Thursday night. I bought the ingredients today and will make it tomorrow. I also am making  some festive brownie pops, as seen on the Land O' Lakes website:

After school today, the boys and I are going to make some more cookies. The other day we made traditional shortbread and chocolate chip shortbread cookies. Those are about gone because I shared some with a friend, but we're doing cut out cookies and butter cookies with raspberry preserves in the center today.

I also have to share with you folks this morning a favorite read of mine. I bought this book in December 2001 at Tuesday Morning in Savannah, Georgia. I remember it well--it was a couple weeks before our wedding and my mom and I were doing some shopping. I saw this book and had to have it. I take it out every Christmas season and it is just so, so festive. It's called Christmas Joy and it's by Susan Branch. She is one of my favorites--I love her calendars and little books. I just bought her 2011 calendar and I have most of her books. This one is my favorite, though:

Christmas Joy : A Keepsake Book from the Heart of the Home

In other holiday thoughts, I do have to tell you that the Christmas Memories tarts from Candles from the Keeping Room are absolutely phenomenal. Carol describes these as " notes of orange peel and cranberry sauce; flowing nicely into middle notes of cinnamon sticks and freshly ground cloves; with base notes of evergreens and pinecones."  These are exactly as described and they fill the house with Christmas cheer. The whole house smells like Christmas. The last of this scent is for sale in Carol's shop and they are $4.95 for a bag of 6.

I also know that I have lots of Nick & Nora fans here. A head's up--their flannel pjs are on sale this week for $17 at Target. They were on my Christmas list because there's nothing like a warm pair of fun pjs on a cold evening cuddled up with the kiddos having movie night. My favorites:

Finally, I'd like to mention a really cool website to those of you with children.  It's called Portable North Pole and you just need to type in some information and it will send your kiddos a personalized video email from Santa. It really is wonderful!

I am off to wrap some more presents. Have a beautiful day today.