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On Santa's Naughty List

Our dog, Cannon, may be on Santa's naughty list this year. Benjamin and I went out to lunch after I picked him up from morning kindergarten and then we went to Hallmark to get some more cards. While we were there, we picked up a card for the pooch:

We love the dog to pieces. Ever since we brought him home from Lollypop Farm (the local Humane Society) on August 18, 2007, he's been family. We love him and he loves us, especially the boys. Anyway, while we were buying him a "Good dog" card, he was making mischief.

It's not entirely his fault. I went to Wegmans this morning for more baking supplies. I put everything away except for the 5 pound bag of flour. I left the bag of flour up on the counter. We were going to use it after lunch, so I left it there. Had it been anything other than flour, I am sure I would've put it away because of the dog.

We returned from lunch and card shopping and came home to a guilty looking dog with flour on his nose:

For some reason, he took it upon himself to not just pull the bag off of the kitchen counter, but to drag it into the living room and open it on the area rug. He could've simply emptied it onto the wood floor, but opted for the rug instead:

The above is the rug after I got about half of the flour picked up. Now, several hours later, it is clean. What a mess!