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Makeup Review: Larenim®

Several weeks ago I was sent some mineral cosmetics to review from a company founded by natural beauty advocate Kirsten Corcoran. The line was founded in 2004 and is called Larenim® (that's mineral spelled backward).  Today I'd like to share with you a review for two of the company's products: the Larenim® Mineral Airbrush™ Pressed Foundation and the Blush.

This product is sold in a round black compact with a separate compartment for the makeup sponge. It sells for $26.19. 

I received a shade to match my own skin--The color was a nice match for my complexion, but the overall formula was not a good match for my dry skin. I applied sparingly and the pressed powder formula accentuated my fine lines and made my skin appear drier. The texture of the formula, though, would be ideal for someone with a different skintype. 

I had C & G tester fortysomething Mel check it out. While the color was a bit off (she has olive skin and is about 2 shades darker), her skin is oily. This formula was ideal for her. It blended in so beautifully and effortlessly. It kept the shine at bay for what she said "is nearly impossible to do with my oily skin without constant powder touch ups". She liked the sponge that came with the compact and said that "my skin doesn't look tired or dry or old. It looks like the me I used to be before the oily skin happened."

I asked her what she would grade Larenim® Mineral Airbrush™ Pressed Foundation and she said "an A+ without question." 

Grade: A+

It just goes to show you how no product is one size fits all--what worked for Mel didn't work on my dry skin. What works on my dry skin isn't typically ideal for Mel.

Let's talk about the blush in True Romance. I saw this shade and knew it was a bit warm for me. I really need a true cool toned blush my skin, although there are a few exceptions. Even though the sample photo on the company's website shows this as more pink, it is true to the description of "a sheer, versatile coral with a whisper of luster." I knew this one would be good for a C & G tester, Sheryn, to try out for me. Sheryn is light with warm tones to her skin and her hair has beautiful reds and golds in the brown, for reference. The blush retails for $20.99

Here is what she said about the blush:

"I loved the makeup. The color was perfect, it made me look like I had a natural glow and felt like I didn't have any make up on. Very soft! The only downfall is in the packaging because the holes in the container for the blush to come through a little at a time were too big so too much came out at once."

C & G Grade: A-

The Bottom Line:
The products we tried from Larenim are lovely. Like I said, I found the foundation too drying for my own skin, but it was another story for my tester with oily skin. She loves it and plans to buy another one of her own when her current foundation runs out. The blush was lovely on tester Sheryn, too. If you do not mind paying a bit more for your mineral cosmetics, this line is a nice option. You can find it at the Larenim website and in boutiques.

A note: Some of the products from this line contain Carmine. The two reviewed no not. This is derived from crushed insects. I avoid this in most cases, as it is unnecessary--one can substitute natural extracts--red radish and beet in particular- for the rich tones. 

Disclosure: C & G was sent items at no cost for possible review. This in no way has influenced the outcome of this review.