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A Look Back at 2010

2010 is nearly done. We've had hundreds of posts this year. Here are some highlights for you!

In January, I officially launched my new jewelry line and shared that news with you. I also blogged about The Happy Book, as part of an online book club I was a member of.

In February , I went on a search for Rochester's Best Cupcake (in this blogger's opinion). I declared Heather Saffer's cupcakes the best in Rochester. At the time, her business was The Cupcake Dreamery and her heavenly cupcakes were sold at the Rochester Public Market on Saturdays. In July, she opened her gourmet cupcakery called Dollop. Her cupcakes continue to be loved my my family and many others here in the area.

This "simple" blog challenge was not without controversy, though. Some locals said that the baker must be my friend since I voted hers the best and I even had an email from one of the bakery's owners with a mini temper tantrum to say she can't believe I didn't like hers the best. Of course, if that had been the case, I never even would've had the challenge. From the challenge, I was able to taste many great cupcakes, meet new people, and a few months later, have new friendships formed.

In March, I went to Brow Biz and shared my confessions of the tweezer happy.

April brought an Earth Day discussion of eco-friendly feminine products of all things!

May was full of posts as well, one of which was my review of Candles From the Keeping Room tarts.

In June, I gave you a recipe for my version of the pricey Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish as one of my DIY projects.

In July, I wrote about a local biz called Chocolate & Vines and I declared my love for Burt's Bees Beeswax Night Creme.

In August, my family and I went down to New York City, so I shared some favorite things about the trip. I also was first introduced to one of my favorite companies, Silk Naturals, by reader Lavanya.

September came and I shared my woes--the baby headed off to kindergarten. I also reviewed a ridiclously overpriced line of clothing.

In October, one highlight was telling you about Olga's, an unexpected strip mall treasure.

November brought a first for C & G--removing a blog post! Find out why I did this here.

Finally, this month has been busy, both blogging wise and family wise! My new blog, The Embrace Your Curves Project was just featured in Canadian Living and we've had out of state guests for the holidays.

Today my business is ONE! Not officially--but New Year's Eve was when I decided for sure to open my business and what to name it. What a wonderful year!

I am wishing all of you a wonderful night tonight! I am making some appetizers and desserts this afternoon and am excited about 2011!