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Lip Balm Review: eos

I recently was sent two lip balms to try from a company called eos (Evolution of Smooth). I received Summer Fruit and Lemon Drop Smooth Sphere Lip Balms. I've now had the chance to review both and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

First of all, these aren't your typical tubes of lip balm. Nick (my 7 year old) said they remind him of his Bakugan toys. They are ball-shaped pots and the tube is designed to have the balm glide right on. They are very budget friendly, retailing for just $3.29. They're widely available at mass merchandise stores across the nation.

I really was looking forward to trying these. We all use lip balm in this house and I thought these were cute for the boys. I liked the fact that they are free of petrochemicals and parabens. They are 100% natural and 95% organic. Sounds promising!

Let's get to the reviews:

Summer Fruit--This was nice, but not the best lip balm I have ever used. This nourished my lips and I'd have to say it is because of the olive oil and coconut oil in the base recipe. It is a pleasant feeling lip balm and did not cause dryness to my lips. My one complaint is the artificial flavor profile from the Stevia. I didn't love it and while Stevia is naturally derived, it tastes terribly artificial to me. Then again, I am very used to flavor free balms and prefer them.

All in all, if you're at a chain store and need a decent lip balm, this is a decent choice.

Grade: A Solid B

Lemon Drop--I love lemon. I didn't love this product, though. First of all, the base recipe is different than the Summer Fruit. This one contains Palm Oil, something I really am opposed to using. The trade is responsible for killing orangutans and I just can't recommend anything with this ingredient.

I also found this one to sting my lips. Looking at the ingredients, it is because of some highly irritating ingredients. The first one is Gerianol. This is on the EU's banned and restricted ingredients list because it's a possible toxicant to the immune system. It also is very irritating to the skin. Limonene is also in this balm. This is another ingredient with several warnings behind it. Linalool is also listed. This is on the EU's banned and restricted list as well. All 3 are used to make up the flavor. I'd like to add that Stevia is in here for flavor. I am one who avoids ingredients which may be questionable in foods and skin care. While Stevia has not been proven to be an unsafe sugar substitute, I still don't like to see it in products that I may use on my children. I do not like the artificial taste.

Performance wise, I wasn't too pleased with this balm. I much preferred the first one I tested. This one irritated and dried my lips and I do not recommend it if your lips are sensitive at all. The formula is completely different than the Summer Fruit.

Grade: A generous C-

The Chic & Green Bottom Line:

There are far better lip balm options out there. If you don't like ordering online and need an affordably priced natural balm, you may find some good options with eos. They're not among my favorites, though.

Disclosure: I was sent the lip balms for review and did not pay for them. This in no way influenced the outcome of this review and all opinions are my own.