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Sigh. It's just one of those days today and this girl needs to get out of her little funk. Today is my dad's birthday. If he were still alive, he'd be 62. This time of year can be bittersweet. On one hand, the holidays prove to be a difficult time because my father's presence is particularly missed. He loved the holidays and I always feel sad to know that his brief battle against pancreatic cancer was spent over the holidays.

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He spent his last birthday in the hospital because he had developed a blood clot in his leg that later moved to his lungs. I try not to remember that last birthday, but sometimes that is much easier said than done. On the other hand, I am in the here and now with my family--my husband and two special little boys who find such great joy in this time of year. Each year gets a little bit easier and I feel more and more able to experience that same joy.

Abraham Lincoln once said, "Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." You know what? I think that is true. So today, January 29 (the day my father died), and Father's Day are the only days I allow myself to get in this little funk. I really think that people, to a certain extent, choose whether they will be happy and allow themselves to feel true joy.

Anyway, I think I have cleared away my little funk and negativity I have had this morning since I have vented out my feelings. Thank you all for listening! 

Now, on with JOY!