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I have been telling you about my favorite tart maker, Carol Wolstencroft, for quite some time now. Despite trying other scented wax melts for the home, Carol's really are the best. Her eBay business is called Candles From the Keeping Room and her tarts are the B-E-S-T.

I just received my latest tart order from Carol today and wanted to share it with you. By the way, I ordered Thursday and it arrived this morning...FAST!

 My dining room tart burner....although I typically just use an electric mug warmer.

Right now I am burning Christmas Wish. I cut the melt in half and put it in my electric mug warmer. It has already (1 hour later) completely filled the downstairs with the aroma of traditional spices, orange peel and pine. It's a gorgeous holiday scent!

Others I ordered:

Pumpkin Pie Filling
Farmer's Market
Apple Dumpling
Mulled Cider
Familg Gathering
Christmas Memories

Carol's tarts are some of the most highly scented I have ever tried. The one I cut in half today will be one I can use for about three burnings. The value is incredible. When you consider that a Yankee Candle tart is now $1.99 at my Hallmark and when it's been burned, it needs to be tossed out, you're really getting a bargain at Candles From the Keeping Room. I think I am heading over there now for some Christmas presents...I don't want to share mine!