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{fashion file: jeggings for the curvy girl}

*Note: I don't usually mix my blogs, but I thought I'd share my post from The Embrace Your Curves Project blog today.

There are so many ridiculous "rules" for what a curvy girl can wear. There simply is no hard and fast rule, as long as you dress with your own proportions in mind. It bugs me when I read a blanket statement like "Curvy girls can't wear skinny jeans" or "Curvy girls can't wear stripes."

When dressing, your body type and particular shape is something you need to consider. My friends and I were just discussing jeggings the other day. One of the beautiful ladies involved in the conversation said her clothes were feeling a bit tight and she was at Target and happened to try on a pair for the heck of it. She was telling us how comfortable hers are and that she loves how they look on her.

Some of the women involved haven't even tried them on either because of the so-called rules or because they just didn't think they'd be comfortable or flattering.

Ladies, there just may be a right jegging for you!

Jeggings are essentially leggings married to a pair of jeans. They are stretchy and slim like leggings. As with traditional leggings, you need to pay attention to proportion. There is a right fit out there for you, whether you are a size 6 or a 16 or a 26. Do not let anyone tell you that you're too curvy to wear them. It may take trying on two or three pairs to get the right one, but you can. It is also crucial to use common sense. Would you wear leggings with a cropped top? No. Would you wear a skin tight top with leggings? Hopefully not. This look doesn't work on anyone. I am talking to you skinny ones, too. These are the "rules" I'd follow as well with jeggings.

I actually found a pair in Sears not long ago. The waist is just high enough and the cut just right to make it my favorite pair. I just saw them online for 75% off--they are $10! A word of advice: I would size up. As you know, I hover between sizes. Sometimes I need a 12. In some brands, I need a 14. I bought a 14 in these and the fit is perfect.

Other good choices if you have curves:

Old Navy plus jeggings go up to a size 30.

Torrid jeggings

A couple of questions people might be wondering. The first one is, "What kind of top do I wear with jeggings?"

I recommend a flowing tunic over them.

Gray tunic from Lane Bryant, $59.95
Tie sweater vest from Old Navy, $36.50
Zebra tunic from Dana Buchman, $19.99 (sale!)
Purple tunic from Old Navy, $24.50

You also might wonder about the best shoes for jeggings. My advice--a fun pair of little booties, heels, tall boots, or ballet flats. All four will work well. Here are some from Mossimo at Target:

Booties, $39.99
Platform pumps, $32.99
Tall boots, $29.99
Ballet flats, $12.99