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{crafty thoughts}

I took the last of my jewelry packages to the post office after dinner tonight. I closed my shop to new orders at 5pm, and at 4:20, my last order of the year came into my online shop. I've been packing up earrings and necklaces as orders come in so I don't get a stack to do at the last minute. Everything has been shipped and on its way to their lovely new owners.
I've closed my shop until January 2 and am officially on vacation. I feel energized and am eager to make more things. It's a great feeling. In my spare time on and off the past few weeks, I've been working on new spring things already. Spring? It's not even officially the retail world, though, I need to be working on spring and summer designs for boutiques.

Beginning this weekend, LOUBIRD jewelry will be available at another new location: Southern Fried Studio & Shop in Virginia Beach, Virginia. April, the owner, has been feverishly working on the grand opening--installing wood floors, painting, decorating, you name it! I am excited to have my jewelry there.

In the meantime, I've been working on other projects. One thing I planned to bring out to sell early in the fall was some handmade/upcycled items for the home. Painted/stamped clothespins and more will be for sale when I return. I also have an affordable bottle cap necklace collection coming--these are super fun and affordable pieces.

I have been finding lots of beautiful old vintage glass jewels as well and have been making my favorite things to create and wear--dangle earrings.

I've even been venturing into other areas--I've been coming across some lovely vintage clutch bags and have been reclaiming them with vintage jewels and buttons into something new. Right now, these are for me and for gift-giving, but as I am pondering adding some to my shop in January. You'll also see more of my vintage button rings and a new collection of brooches, too. I have some many things I have not had a chance to photograph....and many more things to come! Lots of shabby chic meets Paris meets vintage glam.

I don't talk about my jewelry line much on the blog. I don't want it to be like a big ad for my biz--but every now and again I like to share that other part of me...the crafty side that really fuels me. I have been so, so happy ever since I closed the skin care line, took a break, and decided on New Year's Eve of 2009 that I wanted to start selling the items I was making for fun. It is hard to believe that LOUBIRD will be a year old soon....what a great year it has been!