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Beauty Award Winner Left Out....Best Lip Balm

Friday I posted Part I of my annual Best in Beauty Awards. I just was putting on my favorite lip balm and realized I left out the Lip Balm category! Silly me.

I just added this to the original post, but thought I'd share my top 3 with you today.

Winning Lip Balm

What do I love most about Nan's lip balm? It's simple, it works's affordable. It is better than $16 high end lip balms. My favorite part is that it is without artificial colors or fragrance. There's simply no need. Enriched with cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, and other nourishers, you'll find no better lip balm.

The M Luxe is also a lovely balm. If you're local, find it at Vintage Bliss in Webster. They also have holiday flavors right now. My favorite is almond.

The recently reformulated Everyday Minerals lip balms are also wonderful. My favorite is the High Tea Traders recipe.

Aunt Nancy's, though, is my favorite. You can buy 3 for $6 (great stocking stuffers) or a single tube for $2.50.

In case you haven't noticed in the 3 years I have been raving, I love Aunt Nancy's products. I am not affiliated with her company in any way (yes, I've been asked)--I just think her soaps and lip balms are stellar and you won't find better customer service anywhere. Congrats to Nan!