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The 2010 Best in Beauty Awards: Part II

It's time for the second part of the BEST IN BEAUTY AWARDS! Today I am announcing the winners in the makeup category. Here they are....

BEST CONCEALER: TIE! Everyday Minerals Multitasking Concealer and Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Fast Fix Concealer are my favorites. These are quite different in terms of application and texture. If you like Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, but don't like the chemicals in it or the price tag, try the Sally Hansen. It's a wonderful product--truly high end caliber at a low price. I buy mine in Light. It was a hard choice between these two. I couldn't pick. There are times I prefer a cream and time I like the powder. I like the Everyday Minerals because of the convenience of a quick tap with my brush and purity of the ingredients. Both are divine!

BEST LIQUID MAKEUP: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Your Skin Makeup. It gives you a soft and sheer, yet buildable finish. It's luminous without being greasy. It lasts all day, too!

RUNNER UP:  L'Bri Perfect Finish Foundation is my 2nd place winner. It contains shea butter and blends well without accentuating fine lines. It is a nourishing formula and lasts most of the day without powder touch ups.

BEST MINERAL POWDER FOUNDATION: Everyday Minerals Semi Matte Base wins easily. I used to use the Intensive base from EM, but now find that it is a bit too drying. I am no longer combination to oily, so I need a formula that is a bit more moisturizing. The Semi Matte is just that. This really is my favorite mineral foundation because it tones down redness, makes my skin feel smooth and silky, and looks natural but better. I try new foundations often, but am always eager to get back to my Everyday Minerals! It feels nice and creamy, which is no easy feat in a powder formula. I wear Winged Butter and it is my perfect shade! I want to add that they have 4 formulas. I have tried them all and there really is a formula for everyone at Everyday Minerals. You also can't beat the $12 price tag when it comes a such great quality!

I have tried and tested more than 20+ brands of mineral foundation. I am sent products at no charge for review to try too. In the end, I always go back to buying Everyday Minerals. It has never broken my skin out, made it itch, or anything else. To see how it transforms my ruddiness into a nice, natural and creamy face, HERE is a before and after photo.

RUNNER UP: Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation is my runner up. This foundation is natural. It is matte without being flat. It gives the look of healthy, radiant skin without that shimmery shine found in many mineral foundations. It's really lovely! My only complaint was that I haven't really found a perfect shade, despite trying several.

BEST FINISHING POWDER: Silk Naturals Blur Tinted Finishing Powder wins this competition. Again, my skin is normal to dry and this is perfect for me. It sets my foundation and just adds a soft focus look. At just under $10, it rivals $40 powders.

RUNNER UP: Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust is another superior product from Everyday Minerals. If you are oily or want to decrease shine, this is the one you want. If, like me, you're looking for a more soft focus look and have a drier skin tone, I stand my Blur as my top choice overall.

BEST EYESHADOWEveryday Minerals Eye Palette is a landslide winner. Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Try these palettes. At only $4 a pop, you get a generous amount of loose powder eye shadow and the texture, ease in blending, and lasting power are just sublime. I {heart} these! My everyday palette is Honey. It features 4 fun neutrals that aren't boring or flat. I also love, love the Holiday palette for a night out! TRY THESE!

RUNNER UP: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Instant Definition Eye Shadow Palette. Run over to Ulta and pick up one of these. Silky soft with beautiful blendability, these are divine. My favorite color trio is called The Mountain, a palette of everyday neutrals.

BEST ILLUMINATING/GLOW POWDER: Silk Naturals Pristine Perfecting Glow is my favorite illuminating powder. This is a slight peachy tan shade, but avoids all the rust tones that look horrible on my cool-toned skin. This adds a special radiance that lends itself ideal for a night out, but when used in moderation and blended with finishing powder, it is suitable for daily wear.

RUNNER UP: Everyday Minerals in Dusty Miller. This peachy pink adds a slight shimmer and radiance and works on most skin tones. This is another must have in my makeup case.

BEST MASCARA: Physicians Formula Organic Wear. This replaced Tarte Lash Hugger as my all-time favorite mascara last year. Paraben free AND effective! Who could ask for more?

This used to be very hard to find, but I see it on nearly every visit to Ulta and most Target store these days.

RUNNER UP: Tarte Lash Hugger -- it's a lovely mascara, but the Organic Wear is superior and costs less. This is a close runner up, though!

BEST EYELINER: Everyday Minerals in Sweet Woodruff is a perfect, interesting charcoal. Not your typical deep gray shade, this lovely color adds a hint of shimmer and brightens baby blues while adding depth to browns and greens. This is by far my favorite liner. It doesn't smudge and you can make a thin line or a dramatic cat eye with ease.

RUNNER UP: The Satin Matte powder liners from Alima Pure are also just lovely. They don't seem to last on my lids quite as long as the Everyday Minerals, but I can tell you that I just adore the Black Violet shade!

BEST EYEBROW POWDER: I am crazy for Silk Naturals Brow Powder. First of all, you will not believe the price. It is just $3.50 a jar--seriously--and it is better than brow pencils/waxes/powders from high end brands. This puts Smashbox Brow Tech to shame!

RUNNER UP: bareMinerals Brow Color is also lovely. This was my go to formula until I discovered Silk Naturals. It is nice, yes. It isn't worth the extra $7.50, though, considering it's not quite as nice as Silk Naturals.

BEST BLUSH: Sheerest Cream Blush by Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy.
I have this in both Beaming and Bloom and they are just absolutely wonderful. Second to none, especially when my skin is dry in the winter time. Note-- my local Ulta no longer seems to carry this. I have seen it at CVS, though.

RUNNER UP: Everyday Minerals Blush...SO many colors from which to choose. I adore Best Friend, Snooze Bar, Weekend Getaway, and Plum Dust. This is my go to formula in the spring and summer when my skin isn't as dry.

BEST LIP COLOR: Here at Chic & Green I am so lucky that I am sent wonderful products for review. Sometimes I am able to try things I otherwise may not have tried. I sometimes find new favorites that way. Other times, YOU are the ones who recommend a product to me that knocks my socks off. Thank you to reader Lavanya for recommending Silk Naturals.

I hadn't heard of this brand before and the best part is that they're located here in New York not too far away. Because of my readers, I decided to order the lip products from Silk Naturals. Can I just say that these are THE BEST EVER LIP COLORS? The best. I am not exaggerating! These are awesome. I've tried the Butter Cream formula, the Black Label Luxury Lip Gloss, the Liquid Lip Gloss, and Vegan Lipsticks. Each formula is spectacular. I have no runner up here, ladies. There simply is no other lip product I care to try or recommend anymore after trying these.

I will not buy any others...I can't even choose a favorite formula or shade because they are all PERFECT. From the Vintage gloss to the Bombshell lipstick, I wholeheartedly recommend Silk Naturals lip products!

Congratulations to all of my winners!