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Things We Love: The Green Garmento

Dry cleaning is one of the most un-green (is that a word?) industries out there. Between the harsh solvents used in the dry cleaning process and the use of both plastic and paper to return items to customers, much work needs to be done to make the industry eco-friendly.

A company called Green Garmento is making that happen one bag at a time. Their motto of "Be fantastic...use less plastic" has been sweeping across the nation as more and more dry cleaners are embracing the company's reusable garment bags. More than 300 chains and stand alone cleaners are now using The Green Garmento as a plastic alternative.

Not all chains use these bags, but you can purchase them affordably. At just $9.99, the bags will last you years and years and you'll be helping your local dry cleaner use less plastic. My Green Garmento was able to hold two wool winter coats comfortably for their pre-winter cleanings. Several men's shirts would be able to fit comfortably.

Change isn't always affordable. Many cleaners have changed to earth-friendly cleaning agents, but the cost is very expensive. Changing bags is inexpensive, though. As the green trend becomes the norm, as it should, more and more dry cleaners are becoming eco-friendly. The Green Garmento is the key reason why.

*Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary Green Garmento for possible review. This in no way has influenced my opinion of this product or the outcome of the review.