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Soak Away Your Cares

Today I'm going to tell you about a line of 100% natural body products designed to provide you with a spa-like treatment right in your bathtub. Something I have to mention--these are made right here in New York!

Body & Soul Restorations is an artisan made line of therapeutic products combining Eastern traditions with Western science owned by Barbara Lynn Cantone. I was sent a trio of their spa-like bath soaks, each made with an aromatherapeutic blend of essential oils and salts to soothe the sense.

I had to pass a couple of these on to 2 lovely Chic & Green testers, as the warning label indicated that those with high blood pressure or who are pregnant and nursing should avoid these. This is not reflective of the products themselves--those who are pregnant or nursing should avoid certain essential oils and those like me with hypertension should avoid salts even in body items.

My testers have reported back to be on these and I cannot say I am surprised by their comments!
Tester #1 is a very busy mom with three young children and not much time to indulge in spa-quality soaks. I gave her the Chillax to try. She can get sleep deprived and grouchy like any busy mom. Chillax provided her with a soothing and relaxing experience that she could squeeze into her time-limited schedule. The essential oil of bergamot had an uplifting citrus note to soak away the grumpy mood.  Grade Given: A

Tester #2 is in her 50s and has extremely dry skin. She sent me an in depth note about her experience using Parched. Her skin has scaling on it at time and she also suffers from bouts of itchy skin from the dryness. She told me that "...the oatmeal in this skin made my arms feel so soft for the 1st time in a very long time" and "my skin feels like it is so much younger." She also noted that she has "had costly sessions at the spa to make my skin soft and smooth without having any privacy....I get the same feeling at home with these salts."  I am also not surprised by her findings because this product is made with Dead Sea salts, colloidal oatmeal, and botanicals such as soothing German chamomile. Grade Given: A+

Kaput is the third bath soak formula in this collection. What I am going to do with this one is give it to one of you beautiful readers as part of my Ho Ho Holiday Giveaway prize which will feature 5 full sized products and be announced the Monday after Thanksgiving. Doesn't this one sound heavenly? I know we all feel a bit worn out at holiday time, not to mention under the weather with the cold temps. This one sounds divine.

The bath soaks from Body & Soul Restorations sell for $12 to $14 each and are packaged in generous 14 ounce jars. Find them here on their website. I'd like to add that the packaging and labels are just fun and professional. They'd make a great gift--put a jar of soak in a basket with slippers, candles, and herbal tea and you'd have a fabulous gift for someone you love!

Disclosure: I was sent three soaks for possible review. As always, this in no way affects the outcome of my reviews and all opinions are my own.