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I just posted this review on my new second blog, The Embrace Your Curves Project. I thought I'd share it here as well.

I've told you about a company called eShakti before. I've been sent clothing for this blog to review and I've also ordered. They offer really lovely clothes in sizes 0-26W. For $7.50 more, they offer a customization service as well. You measure your body--height, length of arms, bust, shoulders, thighs, hips, etc. and give them to the company when ordering. In a very short time, you'll have an item made to fit your body.

I recently was given the chance to try an item from eShakti. I decided to try the Asymmetric Collar Felted Pea Coat. This item sells on their website for an affordably priced $99.95. That's quite moderate for a winter coat. I sent them my measurements at the middle of last week and my coat arrived yesterday via UPS. In a week's time, I had a custom made coat.

I love it. It is very me. I love black. I also love things that I can tie and accentuate my waist. One thing I loathe about coat shopping is that I generally need a larger size for my hips and chest. In the end, I get a waist bulge and bagging around the shoulders. Not with this coat! This is that classic black coat with a twist. The collar and large buttons give it something extra. I know it'll be one of those pieces I'm happy to put on and will always feel put together and feminine.

The quality is also fabulous. It is fully lined and there isn't uneven stitching or anything else that would have leave me unhappy. My one tiny issue is that the tie for the coat is insanely long. Long as in I can tie it around me twice. Tied once, it leaves a huge bow and lots of length still trailing down/ No worries--I'll just use the tie I have on my other black winter coat.

If you're looking for nice quality and a GREAT fit, head right on over to eShakti. If you use code KaJ86P, you'll save another 15% until the end of November, too. I can't wait to do some dress shopping there soon for the holidays. Check their dresses out--such a great selection!

Disclosure: My other blog, The Embrace Your Curves Project, was sent this item for review at no cost. This does not impact the outcome of the review and all opinions are my own.