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Home Projects: Part 2

Here are some pics of the kitchen painting. I have a couple touch ups to do where I noticed I got paint in the doorway to the powder room, but it's about done otherwise.

My goal was to capture my love of "shabby vintage"--with my favorite tea cups and tins and robin's egg blue. As you know, I LOVE estate sales and thrift shop finds. I always end up finding something. Our table was originally white with these old green floral cushions. It came from Consignment Connection here in Irondequoit for a really low price. I painted it and recovered the chairs. We eat our meals in the dining room, but I do enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while I read the morning paper in here.

The rug under the table was handmade many years ago and sold from an Amish man on eBay. I bought it for a really low price ($20!) because there's a small flaw. You can't tell when it'd hidden under the table leg! I also got the vintage floral table covering for $0.49 at the Salvation Army.

Here is how the kitchen looked the day we moved in:

The day we moved in, I painted the cabinets white and the walls colonial blue:

We've since put in a new floor (2006) and appliances and I've painted the walls 3 or 4 times now.

Here is how the kitchen looks after my weekend work:

In the next few days, living room before and afters will be up. This has been a fun project!