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etsy :: avocado

I found a vintage loveseat I adore today at The Salvation Army. It's in really lovely condition. It has a sheen to it. It is unique. It is avocado green. Sounds dreadful, doesn't it? I can just hear my mom now saying it's the color of strained peas and that it is horrible. Surprisingly, I love it. It reminds me of the Mad Men era. It has character. I want it. It's not something I could fit in the back of my small SUV, though. 

I came home, excited to tell Tom (my hubby works from home) about the treasure I'd found. I don't know why I expected him to share my enthusiasm. He doesn't like green. He doesn't really like vintage either. He also doesn't like the "smell of used stuff" at the Salvation Army. He doesn't share my love of thrift shopping on half price Wednesdays. 

He gave me that look. I've seen it before. It's the look I get that is his version of eye rolling. The one that says, "Here we go again."

I need his help to put it in the minivan. It'll fit with the seats out. We can go get it this afternoon. That is, if twist his arm and convince him what a fun addition it'd be to the living room. We'll see if I can sway him somehow into going after work today.

Here are some items found on Etsy in the same color:

Mug sleeve from Natalya's Studio

Sachet duo in silk from Sewn Natural

Chalkboard made from upcycled cabinet door from The Door Stop

Wall vase from Old New Again

Vintage tray from Retro Pops

Vintage Melmac set from LuvvinJewels

Vintage 1960-ish pumps would love updated with a little black dress!
From Kickshaw, $35

Felted merino brooch from Stemellina

Wheel thrown dipping bowl set from Dirt Kicker

Speaking of avocados, I thought I also give you a link to a recipe I posted here last summer. Try it; it's a delicious salsa recipe!