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Delirious. Chandelierious.

I recently mentioned a favorite new blog of mine by the fabulously chic Elizabeth. She lives right here in my town and I met her when our kiddos were in preschool together back on 2007. Elizabeth recently started a new blog called Chandelierious (in fact, it is one month old today!) and I just have to tell you about her latest venture.

First of all, I must tell you this about this special lady--she's a bundle of positive energy and she has the eye. You know, the knack for spotting all things beautiful. She loves to find treasures, to shop, and to decorate. Her ability to do so could easily land her a column in any decorating or lifestyle magazine without a doubt.

Just one small example of Elizabeth's eye for decorating...she did everything here herself.

Well, Elizabeth is bringing her talents and special eye to you. Inspired by her friend in the Atlanta area, Merry Mary Holidays, Elizabeth is offering her services to those in the Rochester area this season. If you're looking for someone to be your personal holiday shopper, house decorator, card sender, etc., Elizabeth is the one you want. She has a passion for this and she has the gift of creating beauty everywhere she goes.

Check out her blog today and if you're local and want to enjoy your holiday season without battling the mall crowds, wrapping, and making your house look stunning, please let her know. I promise you'll be happy.