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{a vintage read}

My friend Laura Jane in Dallas recently told me about a book she knew I would like. When she described Isabel Wolff's A Vintage Affair: A Novel, I went right over to the library on Cooper Road and checked it out. Locals, I'm returning this today; don't worry!

I am not a book reviewer. I am, however, an avid reader. This book was fabulous. I don't think I've enjoyed a book this much recently since The Unlikely Lavender Queen or The Late, Lamented Molly Marx: A Novel.  In fact, I may have enjoyed this book even more than those.

I love vintage clothing, home decor, and jewelry. I think that my own love for vintage things is why I have Loubird Handmade.  There is something so special to me about going to an estate sale or thrift shop and finding something old with a history--a story--behind it and turning it into something new. I really could relate to Phoebe, the main character because of her passion. Her feelings about clothing and the story behind the person who once owned the piece reminds me of the questions I have about vintage jewels...Who had this before? What was the person like? Was this a family heirloom?

I also find that the main character reminds me of Vintage Bliss owner, Sheryn Kelderhouse. Sheryn loves vintage treasures and turning old things into something new. You sense that passion the moment you enter her shop and I see how that parallels the character's love for her shop, Village Vintage.

There is much more to this story than vintage fashion, though. There is romance--nothing seedy or explicit--and there is also a story of friendship, loss, guilt, healing, and love. I am not going to give much away here, but this is just a novel full of many layers like the frilly gowns in the fictional vintage shop.

The book inspired me to look at Etsy for some gorgeous dresses a la A Vintage Affair. I came upon a lovely shop full of exquisite dresses called Vintage Opulence. Here are some of my favorites:

I really recommend you read this book!