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Skin Care Review: By Nieves

You know that when it comes to skin care, I am very much into DIY recipes and buying frugally. I avoid as many chemicals as possible, too. I know many of you spare no expense when it comes to your skin care, though, so I'm sharing a new discovery with you. These aren't high end in the scheme of department store prices, but they're not bargains either.

I recently had the opportunity to try a line of natural skin care called By Nieves. I was sent three products to test and review: Face Fix, C Perfect Skin, and Cloud of Protection. I'd like to share my thoughts with you, as well as those of some other C & G testers.

Face Fix-  This product comes in a 4 ounce jar for $32. It is a dry powder that you can mix with a liquid to form a paste. Depending on the texture and consistency you desire, you can try many variations with this, from yogurt to aloe juice to water. 

One of my testers used it with water. My twentysomething tester states, "I mixed a bit of the powder with bottled water. I used this once to try it as a scrub and another time to use as a mask. I liked it both times, but I did like this used as a mask more than a scrub. It is kind of like those mud masks that you can get at a spa. I would give this 3.5 stars out of 4."

I used this a couple different ways, first trying it with Greek yogurt on a day that my skin felt a little bit uncomfortable and dry from the heat coming on again for fall. My skin tends to dry out more and the dry air from the furnace tends to cause some skin changes. The natural lactic acid in the yogurt blended with the mask made for a skin soothing experience.

My favorite was to use this, though, was with organic apple juice because of the pectins. I found that by mixing the Face Fix with the juice that my skin appeared really bright and refreshed immediately after using.

There are many benefits to Face Fix.  It contains white willow, licorice, horsetail, and rose petals as the first four ingredients. It really is chock full of nutrients. The licorice, especially, is something I have used for a long time, as it works really well on those with sensitive skin and conditions such as rosacea and eczema. It is soothing and gentle, yet also works well on acne scars and other skin concerns.

I do adore this mask. Is it pricy? Yes, honestly it is. Could you possibly gather up the ingredients and try to make your own rendition? Yes. That, however, would be a pretty hefty investment in time and money to collect all of the supplies. This 4 ounce jar would last you a very long time. I have used mine 4 times and shared with my tester and have barely made a dent in the glass jar.

If you normally splurge on skin care, this would be a worthwhile choice.

C Perfect Skin- This is an oil based serum and is $35 for a 2 ounce amber glass bottle.  It contains evening primrose, sesame, and jojoba oils. In addition, you'll find a favorite ingredient of mine--squalane--and several essential oils.

My thoughts on this one are mixed. I do believe it is overpriced for what is in it, but again, they do not claim to be a budget friendly line. We've posted oil-based serum recipes here on the blog before and you'd have no trouble doing a DIY project pretty similar to this.

That said, if price is not an object, this is a good product. My skin is normal to dry and this recipe is much too moisturizing for me. The sesame oil on my face, in particular, isn't good just because it is still way to heavy on my skin. If you're oily at all, I cannot recommend this. If you're even pretty dry like me, I would advise caution. It did cause me to break out. I also am not a big fan of the aroma of cedar oil and didn't personally find it pleasing on my skin.

Since I personally didn't really love this one, I gave the rest to a woman I have coffee with if I run into her while on my morning coffee run. Her skin is very, very parched and she has some pretty deep wrinkles. As she is on oxygen therapy for COPD, her skin has taken on a bit of a grayish cast and her skin is just very dehydrated. There are some brown spots. She is in her early to middle 60s and asked me for some help with the dry skin and dull tone.

When I looked at the ingredients for this serum, I knew that it would be good for her. It has the nourishing ingredients she needs and the sesame oil is actually ideal for her skin condition. The evening primrose also has been beneficial to her skin. This serum, once it has been used for more time, I am confident that her skin will continue to soften and brighten. There already has been a great improvement in both the softness and appearance of her skin. It appears plumper, more moist, and without that ashy dryness. Her skin looks much better. If your skin is extremely parched or has many brown spots, I can recommend this if you're going to splurge a bit.

Cloud of Protection-- This is a multi-purpose aromatherapy spray. It is advertised as a product that can safeguard you from illness, bad vibes, and odors. It sells for $18 for a 4 ounce amber spray bottle. In terms of price, it is really a better bargain than the other products from this company, but does it work?

I do believe very strongly in the benefits of aromatherapy. I believe in combining holisttic health with traditional medicine. I practice aromatherapy and reiki to keep me grounded. that said, I also am someone who does like to see some science behind things. 

Can this spray keep you from getting sick? I honestly do not believe so. It has been used in this house and the boys and I have just gotten over a cold. Did it protect our environment and keep us from feeling under the weather? No. Did it boost our immune systems at all or get rid of any airborne pathogens? I simply do not agree that there is enough evidence yet that essential oils can get rid of viruses and nasties in the air.

I do not believe in any way that this would stave off a cold. Stick to practicing good handwashing and loading up on fruits and veggies.

This is also promoted as a product to remove odors. As a mother to two boys who can have inaccurate "aim" at times in the bathroom, I can tell you that this does work as a natural deodorizer.

On to the other claim -- that this can get rid of negative energy. Yes and no. For holistic remedies--even aromatherapy to work--the person using it must be open minded.

I say this because if you are one who absolutely does not believe in "alternative" methods, they won't work. Plain and simple. It has to do with a mind, body, spirit connection. I have mentioned that I practice Reiki. I believe that it works. The first time I had a Reiki treatment, I was open minded. I didn't go in telling myself, "This is a bunch of bologna."

If you do not open your mind to other possibilities, that has defeated it already. My mom is one of those people. Mom, if you are reading, you know this is true. My mom is a very logical and analytical type of person. It is pretty much black or white, right or left. There really is not a middle ground. I can only say this hear because it is true, but my mom is someone who isn't a "glass half full" type of person. Quite the contrary. The glass is always half empty. She is not one to believe that something outside the "norm" might work.

If I sprayed lavender relaxation spray (which I use for myself) around her and told her to breathe it in and relax, she would roll her eyes at me. When I was last with her, I gave her the rest of the bottle of this spray. I sprayed it around to clear any negative vibes and "make room for good fortune and happiness" as the website suggests. I can tell you that this was not her opinion of the spray. I believe, "What's that smell?" in a semi-crabby tone was the response.

I do have to tell you, though, that as open minded and positive as Chic & Green generally is, I didn't find the scent uplifting either.

The Bottom Line:

My testers and I enjoyed Face Fix. I thought it was a lovely product with wholesome ingredients. It will last a good long time, so if you divide the cost into uses, it probably isn't that costly.
The other products were mixed. I really wouldn't buy the Cloud of Protection, but do recommend the serum for those with very dry skin. If you are interested, By Nieves has a great trial size program so you can get a generous smaller size at a lower cost to really have a chance to try before you buy.

*Dislosure: I was sent these products for review at no cost to me. This in no way has influenced the outcome of this review.