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I love chai. If you're a regular reader, you might recall I have a slight addiction to coffee. OK, let's be honest--it's more than slight. I still adore other drinks, though, and chai rates right up there. I love the warmth and creaminess blended with spicy goodness in each cup.

If I'm ordering chai out, I like it iced at Chocolate and Vines on University Avenue and I used to like it hot at Earthtones in Webster, although that cafe closed not too long ago. It can get pretty pricy if you like consuming more than 1 cup like I do, so making your own is a great solution.

I love to support local businesses and I just have to tell you about an online business,  Peggy's Perfect Chai Mix. Peggy Gold is a busy counselor and mother here in my town and in her spare time she creates heavenly chai mixes that are quickly transformed into cafe-style drinks right in your own home. At just $1 per serving, you've got a coffee house drink without breaking the bank. I know I used to pay about $3.75 for a medium sized chai in a to go cup.

Peggy just launched a new website and also has a new Facebook Fans page. If you become a fan (by hitting "like") of Peggy's Perfect Chai Mix and post on her wall, you're automatically entered in a drawing for a free package of chai.

Also worth noting--Peggy's chai blends come in regular and decaf so you can enjoy that cup right before bed without it keeping you up all night.

Support this locally owned and woman owned business and be sure to tell her Chic & Green sent you her way.