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shop local: schutt's apple mill

Since fall is almost here, I am getting more and more into a "harvest" mindset. I've been to Herman's Farm Market in Webster, Aman's here in Irondequoit, Green Acre Farm in Greece, and now to Schutt's so far this month.

We took the boys there yesterday. While I prefer the cider at Herman's and Green Acre to Schutt's (my personal preference), we did buy a gallon. At $3.99 for their own cider, it is a great deal for a gallon considering I saw the Mussleman brand for $4.39 at Walmart. This farmer's market cider is made right on the premises, and I like that. It is also preservative free. What makes me prefer some other farmer's market ciders is that this one tastes a bit closer to apple juice--it looks much more clear and I think that what I enjoy about cider is that cloudier, more unfiltered look and taste. It is still quite yummy, though!

What sets Schutt's apart from many others is the atmosphere. I really love the vibe at Schutt's. It is my kind of shopping experience. If you're looking for a gift for the foodie in your life, head to Schutt's. They have a stellar selection of homemade jams and sauces, as well as a plethora of old fashioned candies. And delicious fried cakes, let's not forget that!

We went on a sunny Sunday afternoon, so the homemade pies were gone, but we did get some yummy fried cakes. I prefer the cinnamon and sugar, while Nick chose glazed and Ben chose plain. They tasted wonderful with a freshly poured glass of cider. I also bought some very affordable mulling spices, as I like to make hot mulled cider. We are having a warm and sunny week right now, so I'll save those spices for a chilly afternoon.

Schutt's also has lots of tea. As much as I am a coffee lover, I still enjoy a good cup of tea. They had several different varieties and they offer the option of purchasing single bags for a quarter to sample different flavors. I did this, bringing home Irish Creme, Chocolate Mint, Wild Blueberry, Raspberry, and an apple blend. I have only tried the chocolate mint so far, but that one was divine last night with a bit of skim milk in it. Schutt's also sells honey stir sticks for tea. I think that if you are buying a gift for a tea lover, that Schutt's is a great place to visit because you can be a basket, fill it with teas and tea condiments, get a great card and a few other little things right there.

I also really like their selection of herbs and spices. They also sell rosehips and licorice root and things like that so if you are interested in DIY skin care projects, I can recommend this shop as well!

Schutt's is located on Plank Road in Webster. What I recommend doing if you have a couple hours is visiting Schutt's and heading just a minute down Five Mile Line Road to Bauman's to shop a bit and then over to Herman's down that same road for their pumpkin donuts. It makes for a fun shopping trip and supports local businesses at the same time!