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{review: pumpkin spice latte from solstice scents}

Last week I told you that I ordered Pumpkin Spice Latte perfume from Solstice Scents. My perfume arrived a few days ago and I have been wearing it and thought I'd share my opinion with you.

First off, I must say that Angela has a gift for blending fragrances. A real gift. A couple months ago, my friend Trina recommended Cenobite from Solstice Scents. I love vanilla fragrances, so I ordered a bottle. I told you how this truly is the best vanilla scent on the planet. I stand by that. In fact, Cenobite has become my staple fragrance, as it layers well with nearly everything.

Back to the review....

Pumpkin Spice Latte is described as "a blend of coffee essential and fragrance oils, sweet pumpkin, gingerbread whipped cream, cinnamon and a drop of nutmeg essential oil."

I have a problem with some coffee fragrances, as they can turn on me. My body chemistry just turns coffee scented perfumes into something I am not in love with. I was a little worried about the coffee part of the blend, but I had no reason to be worried! 

The moment I rub this on (it is a roll-on), I detect a very subtle coffee scent. This quickly gives way to the most exquisite cinnamon and pumpkin blend on earth...the pumpkin is so true and it softens the spiciness of the cinnamon. It's really as though the cinnamon is just folded ever so lightly into a dollop of whipped cream on the pumpkin latte. This is such a yummy scent. I cannot get enough of it! I have tried many, many pumpkin scents before over the years. I have even had some that I really adored....but nothing at all compares to the heavenly aroma of Solstice Scents Pumpkin Spice Latte.

This is such a beautiful fall scent. I know I'll wear it all winter, too. It is a long lasting scent, which is another bonus. The base is a wildcrafted rice bran oil, so you do not have any alcohol or silicones in the perfume. That is another plus.

If you're shopping for a fall fragrance, you simply have to head over to Solstice Scents on Etsy. I also can tell you that her Harvest Moon scent is delightful. I received a sample vial of this in with my order. This one is a blend of apples, pumpkin, butternut squash, spices and raosted chestnuts. It smells just lovely. I am not in love with the smell of roasted chestnuts in anything, though, but I didn't mind it in this one because the apple and spice aromas stood out to me the most.

If you are new to Solstice Scents. I can assure you that Angela's customer service, product quality, and packaging are top notch. If you're buying these products as a gift, rest assured that the packaging is truly gift-worthy. I am super picky when it comes to fragrance. Even though there are many noteworthy perfumers out there, if I could only purchase my fragrances in one shop for the rest of my life, it would surely be Solstice Scents. Check out Solstice Scents today over on Etsy.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Perfume sells for $8.