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{Peel Appeal}

On average, I receive 3 to 4 packages a week in skin care to try for Chic & Green. In this time I've been testing facial products again since I closed my skin care business last year, I can honestly say that none have really impressed me to the point of using something and saying, "Wow. This stuff is good." None have been good enough that I would want to have another jar.....Until now.

You know I've been pretty loyal to certain products these days, but I haven't found anything perfect--I think when that perfect product or line comes along, it means you have no desire to try anything else. I will tell you more about my experience after using the products for 2+ full weeks straight, but right now I do want to tell you about one particular product that has be raving to everyone I know.

We all know the importance of proper exfoliation. You need to slough off those dead layers of skin or you'll notice the effects. If you have dead skin cells, your makeup won't apply as effortlessly, your skin may appear dry or bumpy, and you'll get flakes. Another thing is that your other skin care products will fail to be as effective because they have to break through that wall of dead skin. Exfoliation results in cell turnover. Properly exfoliated skin will give you a smoother, more youthful appearance. Your makeup will blend with ease. 

I have tried so many different peel products from Lancome to Kiehl's and many in between. Most are loaded with parabens and the ones that are paraben free still have some unhealthy ingredients. Once you get past the ingredients, some of them are highly abrasive and irritating. I've tried scrubs and peel pads. The one retail one I liked the best was an apple juice-based one from Juice Beauty. I found, though, that it was very overpriced compared to a similar DIY version I could easily whip up at home with very similar results.

The peel I am going to tell you about now, though, is unlike any other I have tried. It's from a new to me brand called L'Bri Pure & Natural. L'Bri products are all free of the nasties you hear me talking about here on the blog. What I do like is the fact that each and every single skin care product they make features aloe vera as the number one ingredient. I have spoken of the benefits of aloe on the skin for years, and to see this as the key ingredient in all of their products is refreshing.

The L'Bri Rejuvenating Facial Peel is truly revolutionary. Unlike any other peel I have used (even from "natural" companies), this doesn't feel like a peel when applied to the skin. There is a slight cooling, yet ultra soft and soothing sensation.  It is pleasant. When I first used it (I have now used it for three peels), I thought it would be ineffective because I didn't get any of that tingling I normally get. I was wrong. I admit it. I was quickly impressed when I saw dead skin coming right off.
Think of how your paper looks if you are writing with a pencil and decide to erase what you've written. You know the residue that gets left behind? This is similar. You apply a small amount of the peel to your skin and let it sit for 30 seconds. Then you use gentle, upward and circular motions. As you gently lift up, you'll notice little pieces of dead skin coming off your skin. Now, I am someone who is religious about my skin, so I can only imagine the effect this would have on someone who does not exfoliate regularly.

This is a stellar product ingredients-wise, too. As I mentioned earlier, aloe is the number one ingredient. You'll also find pineapple and green papaya, ginseng, grape seed extract, cucumber, green tea, powerhouse ingredient hyaluronic acid, and more. Do you know how I told you that a major pet peeve is when a company says on the bottle something like, "With shea butter and apricot!" only to see that those are the very last ingredients on the list? When I look at the ingredients on the peel jar, the ingredients the company promotes are actually the key ingredients right at the top of the list so you'll actually reap the benefits.

A 2 ounce jar of this peel is  $35.50. To break this down, if you use it twice a week I would estimate that this peel would last you a good four to six months. A facial at a local, popular salon is $102.50. For $35 more, you can add a simple, one time peel. I think this will last me 6 months, so this would mean that I would have high end caliber peels for $6-8 per month.

This is one of those products that you look forward to using. You see the results and your skin feels so good doing it. I want to share a very good deal with you right now from the kind folks over at L'Bri. And I mean that--I have talked to one of the owners, Brian, and he is very kind and customer service-oriented with a passion for the product.

L'Bri offers a special sampling program where you can try a huge selection of samples free. You just pay the shipping. It is $6.75. They really believe you'll enjoy their products and stand by them and right now, with that $6.75 you'll pay, they will give you a FULL SIZED PEEL just like I am telling you about. So for $6.75, you'll get the samples AND the $35.50 peel!

Click here for that special offer page.

*Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review. As always, this in no way has influenced my review and I remain committed to providing you with truthful, objective reviews whether they be good or bad.