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{One year later...some thoughts}

It's now been a year since I announced my decision to close my skin care business. My, how fast it has gone. If you haven't been reading this blog for long, here is the link to that post. It explains why I did what I did.

Being the emotional person I am, I have been spending some time reflecting on that decision which, at the time, seemed so difficult for me to make. So here I am, one year later, with a bit of reflection on one of my life's greatest decisions.

I will be honest. At the time, I knew I was doing the right thing...the best thing for my family. Was I scared? Truth be told, I was terrified. I was afraid others would think I was throwing in the towel and giving up because I was too weak to handle the stress. I was afraid of feeling some sort of void. I was just afraid I could be making the wrong choice.

Looking back on that experience so many of you shared with me, I almost wish I had made the choice I made much sooner. I feel like a whole person again. It may sound a bit silly to you, but even though my schedule was full--beyond full--I was not complete because I was missing out on some really important stuff. I am talking about being present in the moment with my children...not just physically present in the room, but actually not preoccupied with business.

So many wonderful things have happened in this year. For the most part, my health has improved. I still have problems at times, but nothing like it once was. I take medication and am feeling quite well. 

I once again found a creative outlet that is completely on my own terms, my jewelry business. It is fun. If it were not fun, I'd stop. It's that simple. I have time. Time to read. Time to talk. Time to listen and write. Time to just be. I sleep well these days. No more working until 4am on orders and getting up at 6 with the kiddos. No more spending the weekend inside watching Tom and the boys out the window as I pack boxes or make products.

Following my heart and trusting my gut was the best gift I could give myself. It's also the best thing I could have done for my family. As you know, my baby just started kindergarten Tuesday. Nick is now in the second grade. Life goes too fast. I don't want to miss a second, and now I don't have to.

People ask me if I will reopen my skin care business one day. I don't believe in saying never, but when I used to believe I might in a few years, I honestly do not see it happening. Ever. I just didn't love it anymore. Life is too short to not love doing what you do. I love being a mom and a wife. I love to write. I love pretty things, so I make them and also find ones to write about.

So it's been a year. A wonderful year. The decision was right. I am so thankful I took the time to listen to my gut and follow my heart.