Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

{it smells like fall.}

Thanks to Carol from Candles From the Keeping Room, my house is almost ready for fall. Carol's scented tarts are one of my most favorite things about heading into the colder months. I keep these tarts burning every single day with the spicy bakery blends. 
Her tarts are truly second to none. Here's my newest package from Carol:

I bought a bag of putka pods from Carol this time around.

 These fun little prim pumpkins from Carol aren't scented, but they make for a festive decoration. I put them with an old candleholder on the dining room table.

This is my favorite tart warmer. My friend Stacey from Minnesota gave this to me a couple Christmases ago. I usually burn my tarts with electric warmers, but this one sits on a shelf in my dining room.

It comes from a well known stoneware company, Red Wing Stoneware.

I have the Orange Cranberry Zucchini Bread tarts in it.
 These are awesome. Each one smells heavenly. What I love most about Carol's tarts are that you can cut them in quarters or halves and they will scent a large area. I also am able to get 2-3 burnings from each one.

 What a cute muffin wax melt! It smells just like the name--Spiced Apple Pecan--and it looks like it came from the bakery. Did I mention that it is huge and only $2.50?

 More tarts...I have been burning Sweet Cider and Pumpkins since yesterday morning. The whole house smells so nice!

I also adore this one! It comes on a stick and looks just like a small carnival caramel apple.