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{a discussion with soleil moon frye}

I recently had the opportunity to ask actress Soleil Moon Frye some questions about a passion of hers: safe and natural products. Soleil is an organic cosmetics advocate and role model for many concerned about these issues. We may remember her as "Punky Brewster" in the mid 80s NBC sitcom, but she's grown up and is now a mom, entrepreneur, and consumer advocate. 

Soleil joined The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and organic company Weleda in New York City for an event they have going on called the Honestly Natural, Truly Beautiful Tour. These three dynamic forces have been touring the city since yesterday with their special truck to spread information, tips, and to shoot short videos about what natural beauty means to each participant. 

Tomorrow, the tour will wrap up on Manhattan's Lower East Side in front of Whole Foods on Houston Street. Join the folks from Weleda, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and Soleil Moon Frye from 10 through 4. You'll also be able to indulge in mini Weleda spa treatments! Organically grown flowers depicting what natural botanicals are found in natural skin care will also be given out.

So why the fuss? Why is is so important to watch what we put on our skin? You know my thoughts on this one. Let's see what Soleil has to say about this important issue.

C & G: I have long been a supporter of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and I applaud them for their efforts in raising awareness when it comes to product safety. I am also a supporter of the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010. What has made you
interested in this cause?

Soleil: I have grown up with a love for the environment, something my mom
instilled in me years ago. My mom used to let us sleep under the stars, and taught
us the importance of our environmental surroundings. When I had kids I was
inspired to open The Little Seed. We sell Weleda products in our store, and truly
believe in the all natural ingredients. I have used Weleda on all of my kids, and
also for myself. As a mom, I am trying to find a balance, and I am always asking
questions about the products I use, and what I use with my children.

C & G:  I think that Weleda is setting a tremendous example by stepping up and
showing their support for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. It shows me that they
are more concerned about the health of their customers rather than the bottom
line. That speaks volumes to me. Your thoughts?

Soleil: I truly love Weleda. It is a company that I support. I personally use their
products and I am so happy to stand behind a company that I believe in.

C & G: You are now known as a "green" mom and even have your own line, The Little
Seed. Did becoming a mom influence your decision to also become involved with promoting natural skin care and cosmetics?

Soleil: As a mom I had so many questions and I didn’t know where to turn. My
partner and I opened up The Little Seed as a safe haven for families. We wanted to provide a place where families could come and know the products they were
using were good for their children, and for the environment. We believe that a
little ego, goes a long way and we wanted to bring safe and natural products to
the masses. If we all make small shifts in our lives, we will make a big shift in the planet.

C & G:  Weleda has long been respected as a truly natural company. They have some lovely products. One of my favorites is their Sea Buckthorn Body Oil. Do you have a favorite Weleda product you'd like to recommend?

EVERYTHING! I use all of the baby product for my children, and sometimes

even for myself. I also love Skin Food, and I love to give the Pregnancy Body Oil as gifts
to my friends

C & G:  What does natural personally mean to you?

Soleil:  To me natural means that “what goes on you, goes in you.”  I am a busy
mom, and I feel the most beautiful when I am natural and just being myself. Even
when I have my messy mom moments, I still feel beautiful because I know that I
am being authentic to myself. I know this is cliché, but natural beauty comes from
within. It is about being comfortable with yourself on good days and bad days.

Thank you so much to Soleil Moon Frye for taking the time to answer my questions! Remember, if you're in Manhattan tomorrow, you can join the tour from 10-4 on Houston Street in front of Whole Foods.