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{Big Cartel}

A couple of days ago, I told you how I was completely stunned to get the announcement that the beautiful artisan site, 1000 Markets, would be closing due to being acquired by Bonzanzle (1000 Markets + Bonanzle= BONANZA).

After being on a juried site like 1000 Markets, I was saddened to see what Bonanza is. One can literally buy artisan made goods, but they're scattered in a sea of things like Coty Wild Musk, Cover Girl Clean Makeup, and assorted VHS tapes. A juried site means that you must apply, have your work reviewed by a panel, and then be accepted. That is what I really liked about 1000 Markets. That and the community. How I will miss it.

Life goes on, businesses are sold all the time, and nothing stays the same. We all must adapt. When you sell your work, it is a matter of the right fit. Etsy is the largest marketplace for handmade, but I do not consider it the right fit for me for many different reasons. I closed my Etsy facial shop in 2008 and never planned to return as a seller. I started listing items on Etsy again July 1 of this year with my jewelry as a trial experience, as many of us sensed that things were not quite right concerning the future of 1000 Markets. So I've been researching venues both new and established and have been trying to determine where "home" should be for my jewelry line when it comes to online sales.

Yesterday, I decided to open a Big Cartel shop. My domain directs you right there. I have more than 80 items to list, so this will take me a bit of time. Here's  a sneak preview of my new site. Once it is fully stocked, this will be my only online venue. Between boutique orders and my freelance writing work, I simply don't have time to manage multiple shops and enjoy life at the same time.

I would like to show you some things I found over at Big Cartel and share them with you:


Covered notebook from The Pleated Poppy

iPod case from Quiet Doing is vegan friendly

This coconut milk soap from Saponify is free of palm oil.

The "Trina" clutch from Bink & Boo is both lovely and dramatic.

Pretty pink and white baker's twine from Divine Twine

This pumpkin scrub from Nature's Edge Farm looks decadent. My friend Deanna from My Handmade Addiction loves this company!

Rochester's Tanvi of Excessary makes stunning bangles!

The Laughing Buddha Belly teapot from Patty Mara's Sacred Heart Cafe