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{a little shopping}

I did a bit of shopping with a free shipping offer and sale pricing at LL Bean today :)

I regularly shop at both LL Bean and Lands' End online. We have a Lands' End near here and we also have a newly opened LL Bean at Eastview Mall, so I plan to head there soon as well. I find that I can get great fitting staples like sweaters and jeans....things that last me for years from both stores. I like to stock up on staples here and add in trendier pieces from other brands that might not stay in style or last as long.

I used to think both of those companies only catered to grandmothers with snowflake sweaters, Docksiders and pleated khaki skirts, but that was long ago!

Here is what I found today:

Fuchsia polka dot peep toe flats with robin's egg blue accents

I ordered the Seaport cardigan (above), only I opted for fuchsia.

I also ordered the Camden jeans. They are wide leg trouser ones and I like them with a cardigan and fitted top for fall. These are a repeat purchase for me...and now they are on sale!