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{guest blogger: kate from southern belle simple}

Note from Karley: While I am away this week, I have some lovely guest bloggers I would like you to meet, beginning with the dear Kate! Thank you to all of my gust bloggers this week.

Hello all you fabulous Chic & Green readers. Karley was gracious enough to allow me to a guest post while she's away and I consider it a great honor to be spending time with you today. I'm Kate from Southern-Belle-Simple. My blog is all about life in the south including sweet stories, funny things and simple projects and recipes.

Part of my experience growing up southern included having grandparents who farmed. I can remember spending much of my summers at their house while everyone worked in corn, tomatoes, and other veggies...canning and/or freezing to put them away for winter. After my grandparents passed away, this tradition sort of ended with them.

I decided that even if I couldn't have a great big farm, I could still try to incorporate elements of my upbringing into my adult life. Sometimes the only way to do this is to visit my local farmers' market and buy up lots of delicious fresh produce. This is sort of sentimental to me because it reminds me of my family and I always make sure to buy from the little grannies and pas who are selling their wares. I have also tried to keep a small container garden on my tiny patio, having better luck with some than others. Right now, my poor tomatoes don't have a single bloom on them and I have no idea if they ever will. I have done much better with peppers and assorted herbs.

The idea of being green is definitely viewed as chic nowadays, but I like to think my grandparents were green before green was cool. They always used their resources wisely and respected the land and its bounty. Whether I'm coaxing herbs to grow on my back porch, making refrigerator pickles, or stimulating the economy and my appetite by shopping locally, I like to think I'm making an effort to be green.

What are some ways that you lovelies add a green element to your daily lives? Inspire me...I'm always looking for ingenious tips and tricks! Thanks for having me sure to tune in Friday for an oh so Chic & Green giveaway starring yours truly! And Ms. Karley....we're all wishing you safe and happy travels!

Note from Karley: Thank you to Kate for being a guest blogger for today and Friday! I appreciate it. Please note that since I promised my family an internet free vacation, your blog comments will not be posted until I return. Never fear, though, they will be read and posted.