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{guest blogger: deanna from my handmade addiction}

Hello C&G readers, my name is Deanna Giglio and I live in the metro Detroit area of Michigan. Despite the odd looks I get from most family and friends, I continue to preach about the numerous chemicals that bombard our bodies through our food and the products we use on a daily basis.  My interest in green living began to bloom in the winter of 2008.

When I hear certain phrases like "things have come full circle" or "the stars were in alignment", I have to admit that my first instinct is to inwardly roll my eyes and brace myself for some hokey story. That's just me though. In an effort NOT to elicit any eye rolling, I'll try to refrain from using such cliches here. The truth is, the following story began with a blog. And kinda does "come full circle" with a blog. Sorry about the cliche!

Last month while reading Chic & Green, my eyes settled on a very intriguing sentence that read, " I am looking for a handful of guest bloggers this August". I nearly fell off of my chair. I've told friends and family that I wanted to write a blog for months and months!!!! Did I read THAT correctly? My thoughts began to wander a bit before I made a comment here on Chic & Green.  What a better way to dip my feet into the waters of the blogosphere than by writing a guest post for Chic and Green? Not really thinking I had half a chance, I shot Karley an email. She shot back a response. What she said nearly stopped my heart. She said, and I quote," I  will schedule you for a guest post".  Apparently the stars were in alignment or something....sorry about that cliche too!

How I "met" Karley:

Back in late August 2008, while reading Eco Pretty, I noticed a link to a blog post about the so-called "Holy Grail of Mascara". Intrigued, I copy and pasted my way to what would become my new favorite blog, Chic & Green. Shortly thereafter I started asking Karley a multitude of questions to which she cheerfully answered. While reading her posts one day I noticed an ad for her skin care shop on Etsy called KZM Facial Care Boutique. In no time I was spending hours perusing Etsy.  I became a devotee of Karley's skincare line and followed her around the internet until she landed at 1000 Markets. When she closed up her skin care shop in September of 2009 I was SO saddened! Having read her posts, I knew this wasn't an easy decision for her but was truly the best option for her and her family.  I continued to read Chic & Green faithfully! In January of 2010 I was elated to see Karley had opened up her handcrafted jewelry store called Loubird Handmade on 1000 Markets. She couldn't bottle up her creative side for long and all of her customers are glad she didn't! I've purchased some adorable hair bobbies from Karley and have my eye on a certain necklace that "needs" to be around my neck. In a nutshell, that's how I "met" Karley.

Similar to Karley's "Etsy Love" feature here on C&G, on my own blog, My Handmade Addiction , I like to spotlight my favorite Etsy artisans. Today I will share with you a small sampling of them.

I consider myself a handmade addict in genera,l but a handmade soap addict in particular.  I think John from Nature's Edge Farm would have to agree! He recently referred to me as a "connoisseur of scents".  I think that's his polite way of saying I'm a "soap hoarder"! Eh, what the heck, it's true. I have a quite a substantial stash of soap!

Beehive Yourself  is palm oil free.  It contains locally sourced honey and is pleasantly scented with lemongrass essential oil, $4

This foaming sugar scrub sounds perfect for late summer, $11 for 12 oz. jar

When I want to give a special baby shower gift, Michigan-based Peanut Tree Designs  is the shop I consitently turn to for baby blankets that are both beautiful and functional. 

Poppies chenille and flannel baby blanket reminds me of a midsummer's day, 36x36, $32  ( link to blanket

Throughout 2010, I've been giving adorable and collectible animal friends from The Craggy Moor to many of my nieces and nephews. The Craggy Moor also sells waldorf animals for the wee little ones.  Christy strives  to have new items every week and always welcomes custom orders.  Christy ups the cuteness factor of her creations by naming each friend and tucking them into a handmade cotton baggy I like to refer to as "Craggy baggies".

I'm partial to the mice and bunnies that are reminiscent of Despereaux  and the Velveteen Rabbit, respectively. Here are two examples of Christy's exceptional creations:


Alyssa Meadowmouse, $18.99


Vel Skemperfoot, $18.99

Another Michigan shop, ellembee,  sells sumptuous screenprinted tees in a variety of chic patterns.

I'm the proud owner of this Vintage Damask tee, $32

I'd **like** be the owner of a Burnout Blues  tee, $34

I promised Karley not to write a novel length post. Not sure if I delivered on that promise either. Sorry Karley!!!! :)  I welcome all of you to stop by my blog and see what's going on in my greenish life!