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{DIY Thursday}

Today's easy peasy do it yourself skin care recipe is simple and effective. All you need is one ingredient and a bit of patience. We're going to make a soothing, pore tightening and exfoliating tray of ice cubes.

"Ice cubes?" Yes. I remember many years ago watching Joan Crawford in "Mommie Dearest". She rubbed ice cubes across her face. I did not know why she would do that. A few years ago, I watched my stepmother apply ice cubes to her face as well in the morning. I remember cringing, because I had always been taught that extreme cold and extreme heat (from steaming, for example) were bad for the capillaries. Indeed, this is true.

Extreme temperatures generally are not good for the skin, but I was experimenting in my kitchen a few months ago and have found a 100% natural and very affordable skin care tip in doing so: Pineapple Ice Cubes.

Why ice cubes?

Ice cubes are said by many to tighten the pores. Of course, this is only a temporary effect, but I decided to try it on my nose. I am lucky to have tiny pore, but when it's hot and humid, the pores on my nose are more visible if I am makeup free.
The ice cubes do seem to tighten the pores and give the appearance that they're shrinking.

In addition to the effect on pores, it gives a feeling of tightening and makes the skin appear firmer.

When applied gently to the sometimes puffy undereye area, the ice cubes help reduce puffiness temporarily.

Again, these are temporary effects, but it is noticeable enough to be something I consider worth doing most mornings. I also want to remind you that you will not be holding the cube in one spot--this will be gliding over your skin.

Why pineapple?

Pineapple contains wonderful natural enzymes for the skin.  In fact, it was a key ingredient in a facial scrub I used to sell. Pineapple contains something called bromelain, which acts as a gentle exfoliant. It is a common ingredient in enzyme facial peels at high end spas.

Skin benefits of pineapple include an increase in hydration, sloughing of dead skin cells, possible healing of acne scars, and antioxidant protection.

To Make:

Simply fill an ice cube tray with 100% pineapple juice. Freeze.

To Use:

After cleansing the skin ( two favorite cleansers of mine for the face are Burt's Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser and any fragrance free bar from Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps), Now take your ice cube and gently move it across your face in gliding motions. Avoid getting into the eyes. I do this for about 30 seconds. Then gently pat (don't rub) with the pads of your fingers. Let sit on skin for a minute or so and then rinse with cool water. Follow with your regular morning skin care routine. I follow with Thayer's Alcohol Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel and a moisturizer with sunscreen.

Final thoughts from C & G:

In this day and age where people seem obsessed with Botox and the latest $125 "miracle" cream, I still firmly believe that the natural approach is better. I know some will disagree, but I believe skin needs to be fed and nourished. I believe that harsh ingredients and quick fixes aren't the answer. 

This DIY only focuses on Pineapple Juice. I have also used this with Pomegranate Juice and Tomato Juice (not at the same time or same ice cubes trays). I'll talk about those later.

It may be cold and a bit drippy when the cube begins to melt, but this home facial care recipe will not break the bank and it is so simple!