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{alchemic muse review}

My itty bitty Alchemic Muse order arrived the other day and I have now had a chance to try all of the sample bars I ordered. I have ordered soaps from Karen at  Alchemic Muse before and have been very pleased. In fact, she is one of the three soapers I simply adore.

There have been some new scents I have been eager to try, so I decided to place a sample order and then determine which ones I would like in full size bars. I think I want them all!

The first scent, Blackstrap,  Karen describes as "caramelized brown sugar, sweet blackstrap molasses and creamy coconut milk dripping over ripe Moroccan figs floating on a base of vanilla beans and soft white musk."

My thoughts: This one is really comforting. The molasses scent is predominant. The others do come out, though. As someone who simply loves molasses cookies, this one just felt comforting to me. It is quite warm and soothing for fall. I highly recommend!

Next up is Lovecraft. Trina and Amy, I think you'd both love this! Karen describes this one as "provincial lavender blossoms grounded in fresh pumpkin, sweet cream, and blackstrap molasses with a thick dusting of harvest spice."

My thoughts: I have always been fond of the marriage of lavender and pumpkin. There is something about the spiciness of pumpkin mixed with the tranquility of lavender. It is just divine. When you add in the notes of sweet cream and molasses though, it is just taken to a whole new level. LOVE it!

Bar three is Waxworks. I really think every single person who uses soap should own this! Waxworks is describes as "raw orange blossom and clover honey and warm, smoky beeswax whipped with creamy buttermilk (unscented)."

My thoughts:  Well, if you know me at all, you know I am a suck for honey and beeswax. Love them both in skin care. The orange blossom adds a subtle citrus meets floral element and then you have the beeswax with its own subtle aroma. In addition to the gentle scent, which I believe is great for everyone from babies on up, this is a super creamy formula. It's just brilliant!

The last bar I am going to talk about may just be my favorite. It is called Turkish Mocha. Karen describes this one as "dark chocolate ganache topped with a dollop of whipped marshmallow meringue and a smattering of roasted hazelnuts immersed in steamy Turkish Coffee spiked with cocoa absolute."

My thoughts: My first thought is that I need to write down this description and take it to Heather at Dollop and ask her if she can make me a cupcake just like it. Seriously. This soap smells that good! It smells as it is described. You get the mocha notes. You get the fluffy, shimmery notes of marshmallow meringue. The nuts and the rich chocolate scent...this is pure heaven. 

You can buy Alchemic Muse soap for $6 per bar for a hefty 4.5-5.5 ounce bar. You can also get a 4 mini bar sampler for $6. This is a great way to try Karen's soaps! I love the quality of ingredients used at Alchemic Muse and I admire her pledge to be free of palm oil. All in all, another stellar experience!