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I have never been in love with bathing suit shopping. I can be very hard on myself. That even goes back to when I was a kid and thought I was "chubby" in my white one piece with brightly colored polka dots. It also applies to when I was a size 6 and could wear anything at all....and especially when the tag on my jeans from Lane Bryant read "18"....or the Old Navy jeans were a--gulp--20. After Ben was born, I went a couple years without putting one on. I couldn't bear it. Or bare it, would be more like it. 

I have dropped a total of 54 pounds slowly and healthfully in 2 years. I would like to drop 11 more pounds. I will never be a size 4 or 6--not again. I was once that size when I was 21, but it came at the expense of my health. I will never be a toothpick. I have curves...and while I am a size 12 most days, I am truly content. I think I just accept myself for who I am and feel that way more so now as I grow older and wiser.

My bathing suit from last summer is a bit big, so I am looking for new ones online. I thought I'd share my favorites:

Red! I love it. 
This is from Shabby Apple.

Available at Nordstrom

The fabric in this Lands' End suit is SPF 50.

Available at Nordstrom

This one is from Gottex.
Available at Nordstrom

Fabulous fuchsia! Love it.

Which one will I order? I think the two piece from Lands' End, below, is my pick. I can buy a different size top than bottom if needed and I love the blend of sassy animal print, but with the added coverage of the little skirt. I think this one is "the one":