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{on sugar cloud 9}

I love to see good things happen to small business owners who create great things and do great things with their kindness and generosity. I have told you several times before about the beautiful Sharonn Itliong, owner of Crater Lake Company.

I am sharing some wonderful news! My friend Sharonn's life is going to change in major ways and she deserves this success. Her Sugar Cloud Body Scrub will be featured in the August issue of a little magazine you may have hear of before...let's see, what is it called again? Oh yes, Good Housekeeping.

I am so proud of Sharonn and am so excited for her. She deserves this recognition. Her products are fantastic and she is really a generous and kind soul. Her charitable work includes being involved with both Kiva and Camfed. She is really a doll and I am so happy for her!

Way to go, Sharonn!