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{a loss}

This blogger adores reading other blogs. There are so many I enjoy immensely, even if I only have a chance to catch up on posts once a week or so. What I love about the blogosphere is that there are so many women with wonderful voices out there. I think that you know you have found a good blog when you can actually envision the blogger speaking to you one on one. It's personal. It's a conversation as opposed to written words without thoughts and feelings behind them. Something about these bloggers draws you in and has you feeling as though you know the person behind the posts.

There are many like that in my mind. Stephanie from Nie Nie Dialogues is definitely one of those women. She's quite possibly one of the most inspiring and amazing women on the planet, not just the blogosphere. While the other bloggers I consider to be women with wonderful voices haven't endured what Stephanie has in her life, their thoughts and their writings still captivate me.

Liz from Mabel's House  is another woman who has a voice. Tamra at Surprisingly Sane is another tough cookie--brave and humorous. My friend, Christine, has a way with words. I can hear her talking as I read Finding Abundance in Everyday Life.

Another blogger whose voice I have enjoyed over the past year or so has been Marija's. Marija was the beautiful woman behind Holding Court. Her blog focused on a little bit of everything from high style to design and decor to everything in between. I always loved to read about her parties and loved to see the frequent use of black and white in her decorating ideas.

She was a happily married former attorney turned interior designer in the Chicago area. She was also a devoted mother to her 9 year old daughter and 4 year old son.

Marija passed away on July 10th as the result of a car accident. While the blogosphere has lost a friend and has been dealt a harsh blow, this amazing woman's family has lost a wife, daughter--a mother. Please keep them in your thoughts.

Marija, you will be missed.