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{Giveaway Reminders}

I must apologize, as I do not have the post done for today that I was working on. I am grumpy after having part 1 of a root canal (yikes, my 1st and hopefully my last) and just don't feel like sitting and typing with a drooly grin on my face.

{3 giveaways}
So I shall tell you about three giveaways. One is the book giveaway--this one you can enter by clicking here. It ends TONIGHT at 9pm EDT. A winner will be announced tomorrow. One reader will win No More Dirty Looks.

The next giveaway ends tomorrow at 9pm EDT. One reader will win a Sweet Beauty Coconut Pot de Creme body cream. Click here for details.

The last giveaway is my business giveaway. It is for Facebook Fans of Loubird Handmade. One winner will have the choice of one of 3 different necklaces. To enter, just "like" my brand on Facebook. This drawing will also be held tomorrow night.

Look for the August giveaway worth $76 to be announced Monday. It is probably my favorite giveaway ever here in the 3 years of blogging. 

{weekend tidbits}
Have a delightful weekend, friends! If I can eat, tomorrow Tom and I have "date night" and plan to head to Chocolate & Vines. A reminder also that Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps is having a sale on her soaps. Buy 3, get 1 free! Lastly, my friend Christine's birthday is on the 1st. Happy Birthday to Christine!

I'll be back by Monday at the latest...