{etsy love: the cream of the crop}

Body Ganache from Solstice Scents...this one is fragrance free; I will soon be buying her delightful Cenobite scent.

Chocolate Almond hard body butter from Running Bug Farm is made of just 3 purely natural and wonderful ingredients!

Carrot extract and green tea are just 2 of the many wholesome ingredients found in Amazing Herbal Cream by Element Botanicals.

Organic hemp butter made by Beija-flor Naturals

Berry Cream from Alchemic Muse

Calendula cream from Mirasol Farm

Blue Coconut cream from The Ivory Magnolia

Apricot Plum is one of many scented natural creams from Little Batch Botanicals

Lemon Blossom cream from Flourish  sounds ideal for summer.

Dress Green body cream comes in many scents as well.


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