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If you have been a reader of mine for any length of time, you'll know I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I particularly enjoy a delicious cupcake every now and then. Over the winter, I hosted a cupcake challenge here on the blog. I taste tested all types of cupcakes from local grocery stores to gourmet cupcakeries. 

I found so many delicious cupcakes and named the winning cupcake the Bananas Foster cupcake by Heather Saffer at The Cupcake Dreamery. I was all cupcaked out after that for a while, although I have managed to return for mini cupcakes at Goodness Cakes Bakery on University Avenue, a couple yummy confections at Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe both in their retail location and at the Museum of Play, and a couple trips to the Public Market to have more cupcakes from my personal favorite, The Cupcake Dreamery.

I was surprised when I heard that Heather would be closing The Cupcake Dreamery to pursue something similar, yet different in concept. She opened a new business, Dollop, over the 4th of July weekend. There has been lots of buzz over Dollop, including recent mentions in Rochester's Democrat & Chronicle. Today, there was a great feature on Heather's new business and on cupcake bakeries in Rochester. 

When I saw on the Dollop fan page on Facebook that the cupcake bakery would be open from noon until 8 today, I decided to take Ben. Nick is at camp this afternoon doing dodgeball and arts and crafts, so I thought I would take Ben for a little treat and then return with Nick when he and I have one of our "dates".

I am so glad we went. The concept is great--you are basically creating your own unique cupcake. It could be something basic--chocolate cake and chocolate frosting, for example. Maybe you are a mixer--you might choose something like the red velvet cake, have it filled with gummy bears and fresh berries, then frosted with a unique flavored icing and topped with Reese's Pieces and some Special Dark chopped up.

We were pretty basic today. Ben knew what he wanted. I thought he would go crazy with the add ins, but he simply chose a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing and graham crackers on top. I tried to get a good picture of his, but the little stinker wasn't being cooperative today. He wouldn't let me have a bite, but assured be it was "super delicious."

"Ha ha, Mommy. You can't see my cupcake!"

Dear cupcake, I am sorry I dropped you!

I chose a delicious one, too. I opted for a basic vanilla cupcake with fresh strawberry filling and chocolate frosting. The berries were truly fresh and were abundant in my cupcake. They really added that summer touch to the vanilla cake. Of course, I needed some chocolate. The chocolate frosting was wonderful as well.

There isn't a good picture of this one either. When I was getting out of the car, I dropped my cupcake. It was secured in a little package, thankfully, but it didn't look too pretty after hitting the driveway. I am just happy the cupcake was in its little case securely.

I wish I had good cupcake pictures to share with you! 

I am really pleased, as usual, with the cupcakes Heather makes. I must go back again for her Bananas Foster--that is still "the one" of my cupcake dreams for me....

Where is Dollop?

Dollop is located at 1865 Penfield Road in Penfield. There is a small parking lot shared with the little tailor shop that occupies the other part of the building. Even though Dollop was busy, I found a parking spot easily. I do have to comment that this is a GREAT location. Dollop is near great shopping within walking distance, such as Simply Fabulous Boutique, which is just down the street.

An Update:

We just found out that Dollop's owner, Heather Saffer, has been contacted by one of my favorite tv shows on Food Network, "Cupcake Wars." Way to go! I love to see our local businesses make names for themselves!