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Chic & Green™ is three today!

When I started this blog three years ago, I had no idea what my focus would be. I thought I would post every few weeks or so. Who knew that C & G would become such a big part of my life and a staple read in so many of yours?

When I started writing the blog, my Ben had just turned two and Nick was 3. I was launching my facial care line on Etsy. How so much has changed in these three years and over 1300 posts! I have gotten older, wiser, and so much happier. I feel as though you all have been on a journey with me as I have followed my heart through this beautiful journey called life.

I've changed my hair a few times since 2007, too:

Our look here at the blog has also evolved. Here are a few of the banners we've had:

While the look of this blog has evolved over the years, what has remained the same is the commitment here to promotion handmade artisans through regular features, including {Etsy Love}. Supporting handmade artisans, local businesses, and little lines you may not have heard of is something that will never change.

Providing you with regular features on green beauty, DIY projects, and ingredients is also something I love to do that will always remain here at C & G. I also will continue over the next several years to review products--from the well known to the more obscure.

Thank you, readers, for being here reading and sharing. I have grown to know so many of you, meet some of you in person, and correspond through social media.

I am really looking forward to being here blogging for as long as blogs exist...this is truly a passion for me. I adore each and every reader--from my new readers to those who have been following along over the past three years. Thank you for your support.

I am really, really proud of what Chic & Green has become.

*In 2009, Best Green Blogs, which is based in the UK, listed this blog as one of the finest in the blogosphere. 

*RN Central, a website for nursing professionals, named us one of "50 Excellent Women's Health and Beauty Blogs".

*We are one of Green EcoServices' Top 18 Green and Eco Cosmetic Blogs.

*A leading beauty site, Makeup Moxie, names us one of the best beauty blogs out there.

*We've also been praised for our work by the Director of Orangutan Outreach for our writings on palm oil.

*As you know, we are also a member of the NBC Today Show Blog Network and MSNBC Going Green Network.

*Recommended by  Treehugger

*In April 2010, a feature was done about both my jewelry business  and Chic & Green in the area's daily paper, the Democrat & Chronicle in the Sunday edition.

*Over the years, we've become well known by PR firms and major companies, so I have been able to try out wonderful products for you and even give away many lovely items. This is wonderful for all of us! From Kardashian to Bare Escentuals to Shabby Apple to POM Wonderful and dozens of other companies, Chic & Green is a friend to many great companies.

I am so proud of this blog and of the wonderful audience I have! Thank you again for being a part of this.

Here is to many more years!