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{beauty review: kardashian glamour tan}

I have a love-hate relationship with sunless tanners. First of all, I am super pale. If I were to bask in the sun, which you know I wouldn't do anyway, I would look like a bright red lobster. When I am wearing shorts or am swimming, I also don't like to look down and see porcelain legs. I like a golden glow.

As we have discussed before, a real tan from the sun is a sign of damage to skin cells. There is nothing beautiful about that. Getting a tan from the sun or, even worse, from tanning beds is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. It's not worth risking the damage -- not just to your skin, but potentially to your life.

I've been a user of sunless tanners since I was a freshman in college. I remember using one from Bain de Soleil that turned me a slightly lighter shade of basketball orange. I tried every brand out there that I could purchase at my local drugstore. 

When I began working for Clarins, I started using the Self Tanning Milk. I thought it was lovely. When I moved to another store working for Estee Lauder, I can clearly recall a bad experience with one of their self tanning lotions. I was the Counter Manager at the time and the powers that be insisted we wear shorts one day with our sunless tanner on so customers could see how it worked. I remembered looking in my full length mirror with rust streaks. All over. I ended up wearing my standard navy blue Lauder long sleeved uniform that was worn back in the late 1990s. There was no way I could sell that $20+ lotion looking like an odd toned leopard.

Over the years, I have tried many formulas and price ranges--from gradual self tanners to airbrush sprays. I've tried gels, lotions, mists...tinted and clear. I have forever been looking for one that looks natural with my coloring, but doesn't turn me orange. I want that nice glow when I'm wearing shorts. One more thing--I want a great self tanner that is also free of parabens and other nasties. That's not easy.

Well, friends, I have finally found the one of my dreams. It's from three sisters you may be familiar with: Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian. The trio launched a sunless tanning gel called Kardashian Glamour Tan, which can be found at Sephora. The 6 ounce tube retails for $34 and is free of parabens, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates, triclosan, or GMOs. When I heard that the ladies had come out with this product, I truly wasn't expecting their product to be free of the nasties and to be enriched with Vitamin C, Vitmain D3, and Vitamin E.

I recently had the opportunity to try this product and have been using it for a brief time now. I am very, very impressed and can recommend it without reservations.

What I Like Most:

*Very little self-tanner scent
*Clear gel blends easily without streaking
*Natural golden tan (not orange)
*Nourishing without feeling greasy
*Free of toxins

Most self tanners have a horrible smell. They may smell fruity or coconutty at first, but once I wake up in the morning after application, my skin smells terrible. It is almost like the smell of dirt mixed with sweat or something. Yuck. Glamour Tan has hardly any scent at all. I noticed a very, very slight scent after application, but it is nothing like the typical self tanner scent. I could easily apply it in the morning and be out and about and not worry about people smelling my tanning lotion.

I was apprehensive about the fact that the gel formula is clear. I was worried I would miss a spot. I didn't. When you blend this in, you can see the slight glistening of the gel so you are aware of where you have applied the product.

The color really does look natural. It is buildable, so you can deepen it in a day or two if you want to apply more. You'll also need to reapply for maintenance. This really is a lovely formulation.

I also adore the texture of the product and how it absorbs. It has been terribly hot and humid lately and I've just been moisturizing my arms and legs with my DIY dry oil spray. I have been avoiding the heavy creams and body butters this week. The tanning gel is thick, but lightweight, so it does moisturize but never feels heavy or greasy.

I've finally found my ideal self tanner! While the price point is more than I would like to spend, the size is larger than many department store self tanners (often under 4 ounces), the results are just lovely, and it is something I would make room in my beauty budget for since I spend so little on my staple skin care and beauty products from Burt's Bees and Everyday Minerals.

If you're still seeking that wonderful golden glow, head to Sephora and try this one out!

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary bottle of Kardashian Glamour Tan for possible review. I did not pay for this product. This, however, in no way influenced my review.