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{another dollop of cupcakes for you}

I know many of you are cupcake fans like I am. I just have to mention another Dollop visit we had yesterday. We've been there three times now since Heather Saffer opened her new custom cupcakery in Penfield.

I know, I know. I am going to mention Dollop again. Let the emails from the two usuals roll in this afternoon. As you know, I had a Cupcake Challenge back in the winter. And, yes, because I chose Heather Saffer's cupcakes, someone with a bitter taste in her mouth implied that I must naturally be friends with the owner if I crowned her creation the winner and the challenge was so unfair for not selecting XXX instead...Blah, blah, blah...

I mentioned Dollop last week, so I got two emails AGAIN about why I didn't like another cupcake bakery better. 

 Seriously. We addressed this issue before, right after the challenge was over. Get over it.

I am very, very enthusiastic about companies I love. I talk about Burt's Bees quite often. I love Burt's Bees. You may be tired of hearing it, but I just can't get enough of the skin care. That does not, however, mean that Burt is my uncle or next door neighbor. I also talk often about Everyday Minerals and drinking coffee from Tim Hortons. Of course, that doesn't mean I am friends with the CEO of either corporation. 

I just want to say I am just a cupcake fan. Do I think you can get heavenly cupcakes elsewhere? Yes. I really like Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe and Goodness Cakes Bakery (that one now is my second favorite, truth be told, as I do actually prefer the overall flavors to the more sugary sweet SMBS). I probably wouldn't get cupcakes anywhere else in the area again other the 3 places mentioned here in this post today.

Heather's, though, are by far my personal favorite. I think one reason I am so happy to rave about her delicious cupcakes is because I admire the girl a great deal. Do you know how risky it is for a young woman to take that plunge into entrepreneurship? Or anyone for that matter. It is all consuming, exhausting, wonderful, scary, exciting all in one. I cannot even imagine how much harder it is going it alone in a storefront with lines out the door.

She is young--8 years younger than I am--but with a heart of gold and a true passion for what she does. In the short time I have known her (4 and a half months), I have gained a tremendous amount of respect for her and am eager to cheer her on and rave about her, just as I do other businesses. 

Food Network came calling last week and asked Heather to submit an audition tape for their new hit show "Cupcake Wars." As someone who has benefited from magazine and newspaper exposure, I know the impact that something like Food Network would have on her future. It could take her to a whole new level. I want that for a young businesswoman. She deserves that for the hard work she puts in to her art....and I really do view her profession as an art. 

So, I have gone off on a tangent and I do apologize. I really just wanted to show you our cupcakes from yesterday :)

I took both boys Saturday and they gobbled down their Dollop cupcakes, as did I. We decided to make Thursday our official Cupcake Day throughout the rest of summer vacation, so we headed there again yesterday.

Here is what we chose:

Nick's is the one on the top left. He has a wacky flavor combination of red velvet cupcake filled with Boston cream. It was iced with peanut butter frosting and topped with Gummi bears

Ben's cupcake is the top right in the picture. It was a vanilla cupcake filled with whipped cream and topped with mint frosting.

Mine is the one with banana chips on top. Yum! It was a chocolate cupcake and was filled with a decadent chocolate ganache. I had it frosted with caramel frosting. It was soooo good!

I just had to share our creations. I love the fact the we can customize each cupcake exactly the way we'd like. and am super eager for our next Cupcake Day!

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