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New Pieces; New Site!

I haven't shared any new creations lately and thought I would on this ultra muggy and early evening while dinner is finishing in the oven. First of all, I have been working on something new--the official Loubird Handmade website. It is coming along slowly but surely. It features my new business logo, which was made by a talented Etsian. Her shop is called Faith Above.

I have been selling happily over at what I believe is the best online marketplace for handmade artisans--1000 Markets. The CEO of 1000 Markets, Matt Trifiro, recently launched the beta version of a new project called Bixbe.

Bixbe is something I was a bit apprehensive to try. Quite frankly, I made a promise to my family that my business would never take over my life the way my skin care line eventually did. My jewelry business is truly part-time. It's on my own terms. Most of all, it is fun.

Skeptical me decided to try this new tool out. It is not an online marketplace where you would set up a shop a la Etsy, 1000 Markets, or Artfire. It basically is limitless for sellers. You can sell an old DVD or book you no longer want. You can sell your artisan wares. You can list a special, password-protected custom listing for a favorite customer. Buyers with wholesale accounts can buy their shop inventory from their favorite sellers with ease. What buyers seem to like the most, though, is how fast and easy shopping is!

Bixbe is really a tool to use with existing shops, Twitter, or Facebook. As someone with Facebook fan pages and a Twitter account with well over 1000 followers, Bixbe was made for me. I can, in less than one minute, list an item and have it posted to Twitter and Facebook. I can embed a sleek and modern widget on a blog. One way I've found success using this new tool is with my new website. You can browse my boutique and click to buy with Paypal so quickly. You don't have to come up with a user name or register--it really is so simple for shoppers who want a hassle free transaction.

Another super convenient tool is a simple "For Sale" tab on my Facebook fans page. People visiting the page can shop right from Facebook. Since Facebook now has more visitors than Google, this is a smart option for all business owners who realize how important social media is to e-commerce. In fact, it most likely is the future of e-commerce.

So what new things have I been making these days? Check them out:

Just got this one done...will be listed soon!