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{foot finds}

It's 1:10 am. This blogger drank way too much coffee this evening. It is only day 2 of summer vacation and I am already tired. The boys have an endless supply of energy that I just cannot compete with...and the fact that they were bugging each other all day long today. After waking up at 6am with the chirping birds, I found myself extra sleepy this evening. I should've headed to bed when the kiddos did, but I wanted to stay up and have some time with my hubby. I made coffee and had too much. Hubby has been snoring since 11:20 and I am now wide awake! 

I thought I would share a shopping bargain with you. I love sandals. I typically find fun ones on the clearance at TJ Maxx and Target, but I have been looking for others. I found 2 great pairs of summer footwear on eBay the other day, both new in the box. One is actually a pair of flip flops--Havaianas. If you know about these, you know that they are super comfortable, practically indestructible, and last forever. The same cannot be said for a typical pair of flip flops. I posted a picture of a pair I happened to like the other day and ended up finding them on eBay for a few dollars less.

While I was browsing, I also found a pair of leather I.N.C. thong style sandals for the tiny price of $4.99. I'm really eager for them to arrive. Hopefully Mr. Fed Ex will drop them off tomorrow afternoon this afternoon.