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{everyday minerals before & after}

I'm taking a chance here (my own silly insecurities) and am stepping outside my comfort zone this afternoon. A couple of weeks ago, I told you about my love of Everyday Minerals, an affordable line of mineral cosmetics from Austin, Texas. I have been an Everyday Minerals customer for quite some time. I have tried so many brands of mineral makeup. While I have been truly impressed by other brands, I keep going back to Everyday Minerals.

Everything is $12 or less (for individual products). That is great when you consider that the ingredients are stellar. If you've gone to Target lately, you know that L'Oreal and Revlon are right around that price range for many things now, with much less healthful ingredients.

Today I woke up short on sleep again today. I have had terrible allergies this season and was recently told that asthma seems to be the culprit of my night time woes. While I now have a medication to help with this, I have just been super busy and am one of those people who seems to think about everything that is going on when I should be sound asleep.

Today was one of those days when I woke up tired and with itchy eyes, big dark circles, and a red nose. I thought it would be the ideal day to show you before and after photos. Thank you to Everyday Minerals for making products that make me look on the outside how I feel on the inside! Please do not be scared by the before picture! If you want a scary close up, click the picture and it will enlarge it in a new window so you can see every scary little spot or hint of uneven texture. That's moi, sans hair, makeup, or even a smile. And, yes--I am fully aware I have not been cured of the overtweezing situation, LOL!

Before: This morning--tired with a wet head, no morning coffee, and not a lick of makeup:

And after putting on a dress, drying my hair, and taking 5 minutes to put on my Everyday Minerals:

Here is what I used today:

Semi Matte Foundation in a light golden based shade called Winged Butter to tone down the redness. I used the Everyday Minerals bamboo handled Flat Top Brush to apply. I touched up a couple uneven spots and a lovely hormonal zit which has just started on my chin with Multi Tasking Concealer and the Oval Concealer Brush.

I was in a hurry doing my makeup because I had to get Nick off to school, so I skipped my normal eye shadows and used Aussie Perk Me Up all over the lid and brow bone as well as to conceal my dark circles in the inner corner. I simply love, love, love the Aussie Perk Me Up. I used the concealer brush to apply it to my dark circles and an eyeshadow brush to apply dust it over the eye lids.

I added a sweep of Hiking Everest in Heels blush/bronzer combo to areas the sun might normally kiss burn the cheekbones, tip of the nose, etc.

I followed with Finishing Dust, my brow powder from a local brow sculpting studio called Brow Biz, and a couple light coats of Organic Wear Mascara in Black. For lips, I used two products: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy in Color Comfort Lip Color in Plum Shimmer with a hint of Bare Minerals Sugared Strawberry (from the fall 2009 Pearls kit on QVC).

I started my makeup at 8:15 today. It was done at 8:21. Not bad. I had time to blow dry my hair while sipping my coffee and still managed to get Nick out the door at 8:45.

I cannot say enough about Everyday Minerals. You have seen me write reviews for dozens and dozens (more likely hundreds) of products over the years. I've purchased some and tried others gratis. I will happily continue to buy my Everyday Minerals. I love nearly everything I try from them and always feel like I am opening a present in the mail when my orders arrive.

Just wanted to share what a difference the products make in that five six minutes I spend in the morning!

Disclosure: I am a devoted fan of EM. I buy nearly everything myself. I did have the pleasure of being sent some products for review several weeks back. Here is a link to those. I was paid nothing for this review and all of the EM products I mentioned today, except for the Hiking Everest in Heels are ones I purchased myself.